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Suggestions for a new Gifts for Mum guide

(Adele Coyle) #703

(Qteacup) #704

(Sharon Greaves) #705

A lovely mixed media textile shadow box frame. Ruby the red gingham chicken noses her way through the poppies and cow parsley. Made using a mixture of needle felting and hand embroidery, a variety of stitches including french knot, lazy daisy and picot make a flower border to hang on your wall.
Dimensions 12cm x12cm.
3cm depth.

(Lynn Britton) #706

A cosy scarf

(Christine E.) #707

I can’t remember if I’ve shown this one before, but it’s a variation on my popular moongazing hare brooch, with a small hare and its Mummy. (Yes, I know, could be a Daddy but for the purposes of this thread… :slight_smile: )

(numbersixteen) #708

This could make a lovely present for a Mum:

(samanthaandrosie) #709

We have some gorgeous pairs of padded hangers with matching drawstring bags filled with lavender (from Samantha and Rosie)

Our tote shopping bags in an original asymmetrical design using vintage linen are lovely too:

… or a shoulder bag in sweet polka dots with an appliquéd bunny

(Helen Healey) #710

(Stephanie Short) #711

Pretty notecards

(Rachael H.) #712

(Virginia Kerr) #713

Hello everyone!

Have some beautiful handmade Linocut cards and Prints perfect gift ideas for Mum!

(MrsMzSewingRoom) #714

(Lynn Britton) #715

A scarf

(Adele Coyle) #716

(Qteacup) #717


Maybe this

(Lynn Britton) #719

Fingerless mitts

(bluebellwoodturning) #720

Lovely stylish natural wood needle box.
Stylish needle holder made from philadelphus wood which has beautiful grain features all around it, the push fit lid has a rubber seal to ensure it stays nice and snug and a decorative burn ring is added to the lower section. It measures 82mm tall and is 50 mm at its widest point, internal depth is 70mm max. After sanding the box has been finished on the inside and outside with beeswax and buffed to a soft sheen.

(Helen Healey) #721

(Lynn Britton) #722