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Suggestions for a new Gifts for Mum guide

(PrettyHopsAndJumps) #903

A handmade and handembroidered fox ornament

(Charlotte Green) #904


(BiBu) #905

jewelry is always a good gift
gold heart shape necklace with rose

crochet necklace with glass beads

(Sarah Eves) #906

Baking days, crafting days.

(Claire Mead) #907

All these items would be a great gift for Mum or a matching gift set

(Della Marie) #908

I think mum might like:

(Emma) #909

(Lynn Britton) #910

Stylish hat

(Sue Beacham) #911

Gifts for mums


(Angela Snape) #912

Crochet hook roll :blush:

(Lynn Britton) #913

A fun tote bag

(Della Marie) #914

For Mum,

(Cherie O'Rawe) #915

A decorative bird cushion perhaps.

(Sharon Greaves) #916

Gilly the little owl brooch would love to come and land on your jacket or scarf. A lovely brooch design using needle felting and hand embroidery, Gilly has a tiny piece of Liberty fabric for her tummy and a satin stitched beak and two gorgeous brown eyes that will watch you wherever you go.
Dimension 4cm x 4.5cm.
Metal clasp 2.5cm.
Gilly will be carefully tissue wrapped and protected to help her travel safely through the post.

(Helen Healey) #917

(Sarah Eves) #918

Keeping pegs tidy.

(Lynn Britton) #919

A button necklace for mum

(nikolebrown) #920

There are many great gift ideas here! Last time I bought a three-section wooden box from a HMWA shop for my mum. Some warm words were cut on it on a by-order basis. My mother liked it a lot and now she saves her jewelry there. Also I find this gift to be memorable. But thanks for such a large amount of the awesome ideas, I’ll keep them in mind!

(Paula Rayson) #921

This bracelet can be customised with birthstones, instead of the black, perhaps of the new arrival, a tree of life has family meanings to many as well. It won’t break if grabbed by little hands too!

(seaglassjewellery) #922