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Suggestions for a new Gifts for Mum guide

(Lynn Britton) #923

A handy tote bag for mum

(Helen Healey) #924

A pretty bag.

(Della Marie) #925

(PrettyHopsAndJumps) #926

For something completely different, how about your Mum’s name as a beautiful crocheted and tatted name art? Yvonne x


A cozy blanket for night feeds or snuggles

(Caroline Wong) #928

(Karen Nelson) #929

My birds are an unusual gift for mum’s but I can do with a personal message.

(Lynn Britton) #930

A warm and cosy infinity scarf

(Stephanie Short) #931

Little notecards and notebooks, lovely inexpenxsive gifts
From my stationery shop,all can be personalised too

(Lynn Britton) #932

Colourful mittts for Mum

(MadeintheTemple) #933

A little coin purse for the autumn season.

(Sue Beacham) #934

Fabulous gift fit our mums cosmetic/ clutch bag with free posting


(Lily Lily Handmade) #935

How about a pot of flowers that never needs watering? :smile:

(Beadseedz) #936

What about a very pretty little pendant on a sterling silver chain

(OneDayinMay) #937

Hi there,

I have an A4 wall print for lovely mums:

Thank you

(Lynn Britton) #938

A pair of mitts

(Tammy And Mark Betson) #939

Available in a selection of sizes, fits and colours.

Need I say more!!

(MadeintheTemple) #940

What about a coin purse, perfect for shoe funds.

(Minerva) #941

(PrettyHopsAndJumps) #942

This ornate bunny ornament is made to order in 3 sizes and 11 colours. It comes in 3 standard sizes, but I welcome commissions for custom sizes too! :slight_smile: