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Suggestions for our Gifts for Gardeners guide please!

(Delphine His) #223

(Adele Coyle) #224

Perfect for those dirty hands!

(pragyaagarwal) #225

Perfect for lovers of flowers and bees

(Jacqueline Austen) #226

(Helen Healey) #227

With its pretty print fabric of branches laden with Magnolia blossoms, this tote bag would make a lovely gift for a keen gardener.

(Patricia Smith) #228

A pair of flowery earrings…

(numbersixteen) #229

(Charlotte Hupfield) #230

(Annie Storkey) #231

(Simon Hatton) #232

How about this lovely sign

(Adele Coyle) #233

Keeps busy hands lovely and moisturised

(Sharon Greaves) #234

Ideal present for a chicken loving gardener. This mixed media design has been made using a mixture of free machine and hand embroidery. Tiny pieces of various fabrics have been used to make up these chickens including Liberty fabric, gingham and felt. This unique gift would be ideal for a kitchen window sill to brighten up any grey day.
Dimensions: 15cm height, 13cm width, 5cm depth.

(Sarah Bell) #235

Gorgeous ‘Flowers on Blue’ pendant for a floral fan :slight_smile:

(Christine E.) #236

There’s nothing quite like a garden humming with bees. Here’s a pair of shiny cufflinks for a gardener…

(Tina Martin) #237

(Virginia Kerr) #238

Lovely gardening themed handmade cards!

(Adele Coyle) #239

Fab for getting rid of all that ground in muck!

(Elizabeth & Chryssanthi) #240

We have this lovely leaf pendant that is set with a green gemstone:

(Helen Clifford) #241

(Elaine Briars) #242