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Suggestions for our Gifts for Gardeners guide please!

(Mary Grant) #343

Our fairy houses look great in the garden and are loved by senior and junior gardeners. This leprechaun house is unique in the fairy house world and might bring good luck and a pot of gold to its owner.

(Emily Clark) #344

Perfect gift for gardeners…

(Julie Maginn) #346

Hand painted gifts for those loving their garden.

(pipdesigns) #347

This Liberty fabric design was inspired by Guerrilla Gardeners, Richard & Lyla Reynolds who made public scraps of land into beautiful floral displays simply for the love of it! I have made this Glasses Sleeve using this intricate fabric . . .

(Qteacup) #348

(reladesigns) #349

(Paula Rayson) #350

Bees are a Gardener’s Best Friend!

(Paula Rayson) #351

Butterflies and roses, a mainstay of every garden

(Su Mwamba) #352

A little garden-ish landscape on the cover - journal could easily be used as a gardening journal!

(Lily Lily Handmade) #353

A pretty everlasting pot of flowers for a gardener

(Jan Ryan) #354

(Sharon Greaves) #355

Oak Leaf Brooch. £11

A beautiful oak leaf brooch, life size made using a combination of techniques. This brooch has freemotion embroidery picking out the details of the leaf veins and a needle felted acorn with tiny hearts. A lovely way to extend the colours of autumn in your wardrobe and maybe a sneaky early christmas present to yourself!

(Minerva) #356

A men’s scarf, perfect for outdoor activities.

(MayaCroft) #357

How about some fingerless gloves?

(numbersixteen) #358

(Sharon Greaves) #359

Bramble leaf brooch. £11.00
This brooch design would be a lovely present for a gardener for anytime of year, a small piece of Liberty print fabric has been appliqued onto felt then freemotion embroidery picks out the leaf vein details. A seed bead blackberry and a satin stitched heart give this pretty brooch a whimsical feel. Ideal for cheering up a chunky scarf or jacket.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #360

Think my new knitted jute scarf for your outside garden tap fits perfectly into this category,

(Caroline Wong) #361

Some of my embroidery wall art pieces would be a great alternative gift for a gardener!

(NiceVisuals) #362

(Thecardjeanie) #363

a Gardening card from me…