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Suggestions for our new 'Unusual Gifts' guide please!

(Pelin Hanley) #469

(Emma) #470

(Lynn Britton) #471

Dragon Scale cuff mitts

(EVWellsArt) #472

Handpainted and vibrant northern lights slates are my best seller. Perfect for someone you love, a new home gift or just a treat to brighten up your workspace.

(Anna Lisa Walker) #473

(Samantha Webb) #474 She is a little unusual although I prefer the term unique :slight_smile: xxx

(Sharon Greaves) #475

Sherlock & Watson box frame.

A little piece of fibre art loveliness, Holmes &'Watson in needle felted form are fronting an embellished London skyline. A button and cotton reel lamp post with a hand embroidered Baker Street sign help conjure up the special detective in owl form!

Dimensions 19cm x 19cm,
Depth 3.5cm.

Would make an ideal unusual or geeky gift!
Sherlock and Dr Watson would love to land on your wall and keep their beady eyes on you. All in the name of detection of course!

(Emily Clark) #476

Unusual and unique jewellery, like this one :slight_smile:

(PrettyHopsAndJumps) #477

A beautiful handmade and handembroidered fox ornament.

(Roxanne Levy) #478

How about this Keyring.

It’s of 2 Gannets doing their courtship ritual. Some hearts have been added to the keyring ,so a nice present for someone you love.

(Emily Clark) #479

Can unusual also be unique? :slight_smile:

(Alexi Francis) #480

Another ‘altered book’, “Through the Forest”:

(PrettyHopsAndJumps) #481

A charming St Patrick’s Day bunny. Happy to make in other colours too! Yvonne xx

(peterhoggan) #482

(Thepricklypincushion) #483

(Christine E.) #484

I thought this was unusual until I Googled it! Unique to Folksy, though…

(Helen Healey) #485

(René Trewern) #486

(Emily Clark) #487

This would be perfect I think:

(Muranomagic) #488

Three original little aceo watercolour paintings which look great together - mounted but unframed.

from artmagic.