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Suggestions for our new 'Unusual Gifts' guide please!

(Lynn Britton) #589

A winter warmer

(magsmaxwelljewellerydesign) #590

Hello Camilla

This is my offering - I think/hope it qualifies, as I’ve never seen another piece quiet like it - I made it by making a relief mould from a piece of washed up coral and then forming precious metal silver (recycled) into it - then adding the 23.5c gold as highlights. Best Mags

(MadeintheTemple) #591

What about an umbrella bag.

(Jeanie Hansford) #592

Here is something very unusual, a pair of hand embroidered penny farthing bikes, popped into these two acrylic frames, use as coasters if you prefer…

(Sharon Greaves) #593

Space hopper hanging decoration £4.
This little felt space hopper has been made using applique and freemotion embroidered. He has sparkly sequin eyes and bright green ribbon ready to hang A little bit of a 70’s vibe for your festive season and beyond!

(Julia K Walton) #594

(Julia K Walton) #595

(Julia K Walton) #596

Control Freak? A strange bird on a printed card…

(Julia K Walton) #597

An original collage ACEO

(Julia K Walton) #598

“It’s a Rival”, an original collage ACEO

(Lynn Britton) #599

Mitts with sparkle

(Julia K Walton) #600

A caricature of a stand-up comedian

(Julia K Walton) #601

An original collage ACEO

(Julia K Walton) #602

(PollysWares) #603

(Julia K Walton) #604

A greetings card taken from one of my original collages…

(Julia K Walton) #605

An original collage ACEO

(Suzzie Godfrey) #606

Think my new knitted jute scarf for your outside garden tap fits perfectly into this category!

(Carrie ) #607

I love this unusual treasure box by Sue Trevor - beautiful!

(Julia Laing) #608