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Suggestions for our new 'Unusual Gifts' guide please!

(Kuriology) #669

Unusual Gifts?

Am a newbie here, but can I put in my two penny worth?

Here at Kuriology Art Laboratory our work is inspired by Museum Collections & ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ object d’art & artifacts. A little on the ‘Dark Arts’ side, influenced by Occult, Gothic, Natural History, Taxidermy, Antiques, Belief/Superstition cultures, Antiquities - as well as genre such as Steampunk, SciFi & Fantasy.

Our creations are also generally very Eco-friendly being primarily made from recycled & re-purposed materials.

Here’s a snap shot of some of our listings on folksy

(Julia K Walton) #670

My latest wall hanging decoration…

(Kuriology) #671

Beautifully crafted - ‘stuff of nightmares’!

*If I ever decide to get a new dartboard, your right at the top of my list.

(Kuriology) #672

I have absolutely no need or requirement for 1:12th scale items…But the mind blowing beautiful exquisite detail…my eyes have gone quite squinty just at the thought of tinkering at such a tiny scale! Respect!

(Julia K Walton) #673

Thanks so much - your own art work is right up my street - love it!


Thank you for the kind words! It’s all rather time consuming and ridiculous, but, I enjoy the escape. You’d appreciate my ‘darker’ items methinks, but those won’t be posted for a spell and I need to become braver. xo

(Cat Thomas) #675

(Katarzyna Niklas) #676

Gift for mothers

(TheGlassArk) #677

for a plant pot


How about my unusually small Strawberry vanilla Cake?

(Debby Coatham) #679
A large 16" square mixed media steampunk canvas ‘‘Cigs in Motion’’

(Julie Maginn) #680

Not your usual wall clock!

(Debby Coatham) #681

Large 16" Steampunk canvas, mixed media art in black

(Angie Da Silva) #682

Here is my suggestions for Unusual Gifts

(Angie Da Silva) #683

Or this for him…

(Angie Da Silva) #684

Or this

(Cat Thomas) #685

Probably not suitable for a gift guide but it always brings out a laugh on a dreary day.

(Rachael H.) #686

A unique pendant made with fabric from the V&A archives, good for those that like vintage-style items

(francescaburke) #687

I have some cute Halloween-y prints for anyone who likes punk, pastel goth etc:

(NiceVisuals) #688