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Chicken Diorama £22.
A little bit of chicken madness! Paying homage to my love of the 70’s tv series The Good Life here are Tom and Barbara in chicken form. Two tiny textile chicks made using denim, gingham, corduroy and felt not to mention a tiny wooden sign inspired by the opening credits of the show. This chicken diorama would definitely make an ideal unusual keepsake for any chicken lover of self sufficiency dabbler!

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A quirky moon vase with a unique drippy ‘ice-cream’ glaze

Unique Abstract Design - Wall Triptych - Orb Plant and Orb Nest

One of a kind button necklace

certainly one of a kind - a wee cheeky bird brooch

A fox cowl hat

a bird pendant

A Blossom Porcelain Necklace

Stud earrings made from waste surfboard resin