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Suggestions for our Stocking Fillers Gift Guide

(Louise Burgoyne) #487

A cute keyring

(Lynn Britton) #488

A pretty crochet hook roll

(Thecraftycurioshop) #489

Embroidered Flamingo Sewing Needle Case…

(Christine E.) #490

Everybody loves a unicorn…

(Sarah Eves) #491

A little mouse pin cushion.

(Louise Burgoyne) #492

(TheJazzyJewelzStudio) #493

(Claire Mead) #494

(Christine E.) #495

A shiny little brooch…

(Sarah Eves) #496

A field mouse pin cushion.

(Minerva) #497

(Robert Mercer) #498

604 Pendant-Olive Wood
604 Pendant-Olive Wood


This stunning pendant made from Olive Wood comes with a black leather cord finished with a batik bead and a toggle clasp fastening. It measures approximately 50mm diameter and 8mm thick with an off centre hole.
The cord is approximately 460mm making a drop of 230mm (9 inches).
It is presented in a nice black gift box


When sourcing this wood I was immediately struck by it’s beauty and realised it would make a stunning pendant. The colour is light and refreshing. It is an item I thought ladies would be proud to wear.

(Claire Mead) #499

(Lynn Britton) #500

A crochet hook roll

(ilkidesigns) #501

Some cute earrings which would make great stocking fillers

Just £12.50
Just £10.00
Just £10.00
Just £10.00
Just 10.00
Just £10.00
No postage on any of these, and they would all make great stocking fillers, or great gifts. Would love them to be included in any gift guide.
Gail @ Ilki

(Claire Mead) #502

(Tina Martin) #503

(Beaniehats) #504

Even cats like gifts at xmas

(Qteacup) #505

This handy little notebook, for any lady.

(saponista) #506

Christmaas themed soaps? Would fit nicely into a stocking.