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Support needed ,am i doing the right thing?

(Kimberley Medhurst) #1

hi, i have my shop on here createfuls but don’t do very well on selling i admit, i have a createfuls advertising page on Facebook.
i have seen alot of people selling from Facebook pages and groups, so though i would give this a try, is there a specific way of doing this, im guess im looking for advice and hints and tips. i have created a group, would you bee happy to support me by joining and sharing my group?? link below…

thank you x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

Just tried your link and it says ‘content unavailable’

Are you only using facebook if so I would suggest you use other social media sites as well. This is because facebook will only show 1% of any of your followers your promotial posts.

You might want to think about increasing your presence on the internet and spreading your promoting via more sites

Here’s a little list of sites that are also very useful


Are you also utilizing the Showcase part of the forum where there are some great promotial threads where we agree to promote each other’s items.

I hope some of this helps

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #3

Kimberly you’ll get lots of wonderful advice here so you did the right thing to ask for help!

Basically it is all about being seen, which on the internet is lots of fun but doesn’t happen by itself. I believe in nurturing relationships with other sellers and supporting one another rather than getting random ‘Likes’ and find that this works much more in the long run. Be item and interest specific…so for example as an embroiderer, I look for sewers and embroiderers rather than say, ceramics and painters to share with (although I chat to and swap great ideas with many!).

Get yourself a Pinterest account too ; it is fun and a great way of sharing.

Read lots of Forums for ideas .

Maybe look at selling via other avenues (Etsy?) but overall - be patient.

The other thing I will also say as a business person…Look at your product…it is true many people don’t have much money at the moment, but as sellers we can’t just ‘expect’ sales to drop into our laps! We should always be assessing our products ; What could we do better? Why is this item not selling? Am I displaying my items properly? Are my descriptions clear?..Even the most successful sellers spend much of their time assessing their product and methods…

(Kimberley Medhurst) #4

thank you very much,you have given me some great advice there and i am grateful for the list :slight_smile: i would say my problem is in the business area of things, as i am good at being creative and making items but im let down as i have no business skills tho i am learning new things every day… x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

I’ve just looked at two of your listing and there are spelling/typing errors. You need to look at your grammar as well. Use Full Stops and Capital letter at the beginning of new sentences and put a space between a Full Stop and the beginning of the next sentence otherwise your listing come over not only hard to read but as quite unprofessional. If like myself you are prone to spelling/typing errors I would suggest doing what I do. Type up the description in say Mircosoft Word and do a spelling and grammar test. Then copy and paste it to your listing once it’s correct.

I also notice you don’t always use all your 5 photo’s. One T-Shirt only has one photo which at the bottom is blurred. You need make sure you take a couple of close ups so people can get a good idea what they are buying.

Sizes would also be required by a buyer before buying and what your materials are ie cotton or polyester etc etc.

Remember when selling online the potential buyers only has your photos and descriptions to go on, they can not pick an item up to feel the fabric or take a closure look at the quality of work.

Hope this helps

(Kimberley Medhurst) #6

yes i am prone to bad grammar which i do need to spend more time on cleaning it up, that copy and past from Microsoft spelling test is a handy hit , thank you i will start using that.thanks Eileen all this is helping . i am looking at the twitter site and a little unsure on how people use twitter for business purposes? can you tell me how this works?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

You can tweet about what you are doing.

You can use the twitter icon button at shows up on every listing you make to post your newly listed item to twitter

Same thing happens with the Stumbleupon icon, the pin it (pinterst) icon and facebook item found on every item you list.

When you sign up to each of these you can when you list an item simply click on those icon buttons and your item gets posted onto that particular site.