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Hi Jacqu @Bythecrookofmyhook - But I have this message… Quote New sign ups, ASTS & Folksy Special offer members we will be in touch via the member Instagram account very soon and get you set up in there. Once you hear from us you are accepted and you can get on with sorting your page. UnQuote… I am very confused.

I had my reservations about this Christmas market, and after seeing all the rejections I’m glad I’ve not bothered. The moment these sites start to get elite and picky, you can stick it where the sun don’t shine. I do very well on Ebay at this time of year, and I’m doing OK on other platforms. So it’s a big fat no from me.

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OK, so it sounds like everyone doing the market. Whether joining Peddle or just doing the market as a one off, the info going forward will be in the Instagram grp. So keep an eye on your Instagram dms, that is where they will get in contact. @thegreetingscardshop

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: so true

I think if Folksy see this thread should be shocked at so many disgruntled members. I think Pedddle smacks of NOTHS and I do not want anything to do with them.

Not able to do my local craft fair this year but starting an album on the community fab page and driving to Folksy. Even if I get no sales may help others on here.

Perhaps we should do our own rogue online fair whilst stuffing cakes and other yummy bakes.


Why are you so sure ? I know what the application spiel says but first time around I was pretty surprised to get a Peddddle rejection as were others who had actually paid their money and started setting up before the rejection arrived.
Are you part of Peddle admin ? Just wondering really…

I’m still insulted from last time round so a big fat No from me too apart from the fact that I think the date is at least a week too late. I know Folksy say that is their busiest day But the first weekend in December is pushed forward 2 more days this year by leap year. AND if it is already the busiest day why not go for a week or two before that and have a time when it isn’t already the busiest. All a little bit puzzling to me so I will just promote myself as usual …it works for me. ~
Just as joining in via Pebbbble works for others. It quite possibly depends on how you well. If you have multiple quantities of a selected number of products then probably good. If you have stock of 1 of lots and lots of things then probably not quite so good.


Lol no, I got rejected, (and still waiting on my refund) but from what @thegreetingscardshop wrote I’m surmising, everyone who is taking part will be part of their Instagram grp.

The reason I know the group thing is done part of insta dms, is because I’ve had a few people try to add me to groups, that I’ve blocked.

Nah Sally Ann is like me on this. Thought the £15 was to just do the market viai Folksy but found it was a payment to Peddddle and therefore possibly curated too.
Honestly I see not a lot of point to it. I had never heard of Peddddle before and it never crops up in my busy IG feed (and I don’t think I’ve blocked them :laughing: ) .
I expect those who do do the live chats etc do well but would honestly love to hear from the others, who didn’t get any selective promotion, how they did at the last one ??

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I think that last one everyone was Peddle members, I’m sure I read on Folksy’s blog that they were opening it up to all Folksy sellers, for this market, which is the £15 fee. I think Peddle is managing it all, which might be why the payment is going through them.

It is very confusing, I opted to try for membership because I’d considered it before lockdown (they are based in nw) but have poor mobility and no car so physical fairs are hard for me… So I thought online might be cool, and I know other sellers who rave about them.
But like I said I got rejected, and the email sent did upset me, so I was thinking of just doing it without the membership, but yeah I wondered if without membership if I’d be disadvantaged… Online eqivilent of having the crap stall right ar that back where there’s hardly any foot traffic.

But, I think I shan’t bother, there’s a lot of online markets happening, so I’ll probably do a few of those.


I think I am correct in thinking you get just 8 ‘photos / listngs’ which are linked direct to your shop. But most of what I sell has a quantity of just 1
…so no idea how I would select the 8 things someone might fancy buying and if I sold one. What then… would I have to spend the day at my laptop quickly replacing with other desirable suncatchers.
On my Folksy shop front they can see 60 all at once… Much better for me and my shop… but as I said it might suit others

I think so. @JOYSofGLASS, Its a bit confusing.
I think I’m gonna leave it, I have so much I want to do and like I said there’s other online markets. I’ve been plugging away this past week and had sales, I’m nervous of doing anything that takes my focus away.

I love your sun catchers BTW. :heart:

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Yes Jacqui @Bythecrookofmyhook it is confusing, and as said before I really want to support Folksy, as they are a lovely platform.

I was quite hurt when I was rejected the last time I applied, as my Greeting Cards sell quite well on Folksy, especially when I am taking part with the “Daily Listing Challenge.” My reviews are amazing too, with many customers wanting me to sell prints, as well as Cards, but I must admit that I did join in with their last fair on the 31st of May, and enjoyed several aspects of it, especially listening to Chris @TheChrisArtist, and the wonderful video he appeared in, plus several other Folksy members. I do believe I even brought a few things - Lavendar soaps I think, and lavendar sachets (I am a sucker for buying handmade)…So, my point still stands…Will I be rejected again? I have uploaded Christmas photos on Instagram in the last few days, plus mentioned the Fair on my Facebook Page.

Before I was rejected the last time, it took the best part of one evening to upload my photos; price them, give suitable titles, and descriptions, only to be told afterwards that I hadn’t been successful. If I had known this at the start, I could have saved a lot of expensive time. (Time is precious after all.)


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I have absolutely no idea @thegreetingscardshop.
I applied this time and was rejected, tho the fee has been taken, and not yet returned. I too was pretty upset, in part because they forgot to change the name on the rejection email, so that felt a bit like rubbing salt in the wound.

I was considering just paying the one off fee, so to support Folksy, as I love it here too. But I think I’ll probably leave it this time,

I know for my part, I applied in the evening, and by morning I had the rejection email. Dunno if that helps any?

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I applied and paid on the 11th. Got rejected on the 14th, money back in my account on the 17th. May take longer now as so many people applying.

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I’ve done that as well , just joined for the Folksy Christmas market, do we get more info nearer the time about what we actually have to do ? This is my first virtual market .

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Not for me either Judy @JudyAdams I don’t do any social media other than Pinterest and am a techo dinosaur just can’t get my head around it all, I would spend most of my time worrying I was doing something wrong and I would get scammed… plus I don’t have the time to spend on social media.
I’m quite happy plodding along in my own sweet way. :grinning:

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I’ve never done one before either. I assume they send you more info (I hope they do!).

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@thegreetingscardshop @JOYSofGLASS @SilvanaJewellery
It’s really important to us that everyone feels able to join this market, so as long as you’re a Folksy seller you can’t get rejected from the Christmas Market (the £15 application) – even if you’ve been rejected from Pedddle – as we want it to be open to all Folksy sellers.

All the payments are being handled by Pedddle as we’re running it as a collaboration with them, so that’s why it will show up as Pedddle on your bank account.

The complicated issue for us here is that Pedddle itself is a curated platform, and they have their own criteria for members that are entirely separate from Folksy and we have no input or influence at all. They do have guide to what they’re looking for on their FAQ page

As it says, they are pretty focused on Instagram and that’s also one of the main ways they communicate with their members (largely through local hubs and event hubs which work through direct messages). I also feel they have quite a strong “look”, so I imagine most of the time rejections happen when either Pedddle don’t feel people’s products or style are right for their audience, or they worry that person is active enough on Instagram to benefit from the kind of service they offer.

Being rejected from anything is always horrible (I’m terrible at handling it!), but I always tell myself that although they might not feel I’m right for them (or in this case their audience) at this time, they’re probably also not the right place for me.

It does make me very sad to hear you’ve had negative experiences though and feel disappointed. I have already spoken to Nicki and the Pedddle team and passed on your feedback, and I know they’re going to have a careful look at their application process to see how they can improve the experience - getting this right is always going to be the hardest part of running a curated site.

I really am very sorry to anyone who feels they have been let down or feels upset because of this. That’s really not what we intended at all and I’m sure Pedddle didn’t either. Hopefully you can still join in the market and we can make it a huge success for everyone.


Oh good, I’m not alone then ! I think it will be fun , once I know what I’m doing :blush: xf

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