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Tandem inspired Wedding Card

(Little Miss Logical) #1

Two special friends are getting married in November and I’d like to get them a unique tandem themed wedding card but it needs to make it clear it’s a wedding card too. Possibly with a veil/top hat included.

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #2

I have had a look to see if I could get a print to make up for you but Haven’t found anything I am afraid, hopefully someone else can help you.
The only tandem I could find was this but certainly not for a wedding!

(Little Miss Logical) #3

Thanks for your message Diane and for taking the time and trouble to look - I really do appreciate it. I make my own cards sometimes but this is for someone who works in the printing industry so I’m after something unique to them and special.

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #4

Do you know someone that could maybe draw a picture of what you like ? and then you could make the card. If it was good I could make it Decoupage for you.
Just an idea

(Helen McCartney Designs) #5

Hello : )

I do custom card orders as well as my printed cards ( my printed cards are from my original drawings ).

The Custom cards are designed, hand drawn and painted by me. So you basically have an original piece of art : )
A lot of recipients have ended up framing the card, so it could be a a card and gift all in one : )
I’ll put a link to my facebook album to show you just a small amount of the different cards that i’ve done for customers.

If you were interested feel free to message me and i’ll happily come up with a costing. There are 3 different card sizes and they all have a ‘start from’ price ( the info is in the album link ).


(Dog As Pony) #6

I have two!