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Tell us about your press features

We love hearing about your starring moments, so if you’ve had any press recently or featured in any exciting blogs etc, tell us about it here or fill in this form.

Is this press about my Folksy shop or about me? Thank you.

It’s about your Folksy shop or work you have had featured in the press recently.

Thank you!

Thank you. I kinda sussed you probably wouldn’t be interested in Closer running an article on me being behind Brad Pitt and Angelina’s marriage troubles. Oh well… :smiley:


oh, i didnt know i could do this :o(

i had two newspaper articles and two radio interviews featuring my business last month :o(

have just submitted the most recent one though


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Hi Sophie. I can’t find any information about it on the form. Can you email it directly to me instead? My email address is Thank you!

Camilla hope you got the form I sent you a few weeks ago about my miniature art being featured in Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine in June but didn’t hear back so assumed it wasn’t of interest … June’s over now - maybe next time :slight_smile:


Hi Hazel. No I didn’t get that either! Can you email it across? Thank you!

@HazelRayfield @imogensimagination Don’t worry. I’ve just found them now - it hadn’t updated but it’s all working again now. Sorry!

OK thanks Camilla :slight_smile:

Hello Camilla, It would be great if Folksy could do an article on writing press release’s etc.

Hi Tracy. That’s definitely on my list of topics - and actually I’ve already commissioned someone very brilliant to write a guide to press releases, so it is coming!

thought we could use this thread to post anything we find about Folksy sellers mentioned in the media.

i was excited to see the work of Folksy seller Emma Gray in issue 66 of australian magazine ‘Frankie’ - hooray for folksy appearing ‘Down Under’ !