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Textile design by Gunta Stolzl, Susan Collier & Sarah Campbell

In the 80s we bought two sofas covered with a print which I believe was inspired by Gunta Stolzl, the Bauhaus designer. Since the fabric eventually wore out, we been trying to find a source for getting enough to recover the sofas or at least to cover a chair. I’ve found some images on the web, but I’ve not been able to find anyone who would be able to supply the fabric. Here’s the webpage which shows the design,

Does anyone know someone or a company who might be able to help in our search?
Martin John Harris

If you haven’t found anyone here yet, maybe take a sample to fabric shops? They might also be able to advise you of another source.

Hi , I think it is Collier Cambell ( sorry just read your post properly and the link and seen that I was right LOL) and was very popular in the mid eighties… Try Ebay .They are very good for vintage fabric I buy loads there (too much !). How many metres do you think you will need and how much do you want to spend? I have just remembered I think I also know somewhere that had some but I don’t know whether they still do. “The Shop” in Shoreditch is brilliant for vintage fabric I get most of my W. Morris there. Last time I went ( about 5 weeks ago) they had a pair of curtains from that fabric . I am sure it was that. I can find out for you if you wish as I was meaning to go again in the next week or so. If you want me to check I will

I think this design was done for Liberty - have you tried contacting them?