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The Big British Craft Event 2017

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Hello to all Folksy … folk :smiley:

My name is Jo and I am organising what will hopefully be the biggest craft event the UK has seen :smiley:

It will be held at Newark Showground on the 12th & 13th August 2017.

We realise this may be a big distance for many to come, but it is over a year away so plenty of time to plan. Plus there are caravan and camping facilities on the showground … or there are some lovely hotels close by.

Now the interesting part.

This event is for all handmade crafters. The first 100 stalls booked are going to receive an equal share of the profits from entrance fees. We are currently underestimating the numbers at 6,000. We are predicting the profits to be in the region of £20,000 for this first year. So do your maths and you will see it is a great opportunity for all. Even those who have never done a craft stall before.

Time to dip your toe in and see how it plays :smiley:

There are many more details about the event on our Facebook page. Bookings have only been open a couple of weeks but already 2 thirds of the first 100 stalls have been booked and paid for. So don’t hang about if you want to book. Not only that but we will also have a reserve list for any cancellations and if the footfall is bigger we will extend the 100 to more.

Come and join us on the group at :

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Jo, we say “maths” in this country :slight_smile: Wishing you success with your venture…

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LOL, sorry. I have corrected it now x

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An update for you all :slight_smile:

Only 63 out of 220 table spaces left to book :o the other 157 were booked in less than 3 weeks… and it’s over a year away. If you want to book don’t hang around!

(Emma Jones) #5

HI Jo,

This event sounds really exciting and I would love to have a go and book a stall but how do I go about it please? I’ve been on the facebook page and was unable to find information on how to book. I am new to technology though and learning daily so it could be my mistake!

Have a lovely day,


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Try this Emma: