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The Folksy Charts are here!

Hello! A little later than planned, but we’ve just published the Folksy Charts for 2016. This is a countdown of the best selling shops and most loved items of 2016 - alongside loads of stats and tips on how you can grow your shop in 2017.

You might even be in it :slight_smile:


Thank you…I’m actually mentioned in it!
One of my bags is in the ‘most loved’ section!
This clutch bag…:relaxed:


As was my needle felted goldfinch :slight_smile:

Makes interesting reading - thanks Folksy


I’ve made it as 2nd most loved item :slight_smile:

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I feel a bit sad that there are no knitting/sewing shops in the top 10 best selling shops…
Perhaps I should start making jewellery!:slight_smile:


Congratulations to all the shops and items mentioned. Lots of great tips to take on board :slight_smile:

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Whoop whoop, I made it 2 lists!! So so happy :grin:


Interesting actually to see the type of shops that do well over here.


Looking at the top 10 shops I think I am the only one that frequents the forum, maybe if I spent less time here I could get in the top 5 :slight_smile:
Will have to have a closer look at the stats later.

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Interesting to compare it to 2014’s charts - most of the top 10 shops are the same - obviously we need to be in it for the long haul.

Congratulations to everybody mentioned.

There are so many beautiful items here on Folksy and some really talented makers!.

I was delighted to see my listing is 3rd in the most ‘loved’ items of 2016 - Outstanding :slight_smile:


I am so happy. Just received the email from Folksy to say that a pair of my little knitted booties are the most viewed item in 2016. It is great news for us knitters. Congratulations to everyone featured in this year’s charts.
Maureen x


Well done! @TheWoolFairy

that’s gorgeous ! well done on your listing

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Thank you @maumole66 :grinning:

Good to see this. Thanks folksy. Interesting stats for sure!

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So happy to be included, thanks Folksy :slight_smile:

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I was reluctant to look at this because I thought I wouldn’t be on it, then, seeing this thread, I thought I’d have a peek! And guess what!
I was right! I wasn’t on it! :slight_smile:
Well done to everyone who is! :slight_smile:


It’s a shame when licensed characters and images turn up. Ofcourse the seller probably has a license…


Well done to everyone who made it onto the list, I hope to be on it in time to come😀 I’ve been looking at your shops and you all deserve to be there x