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The price of crochet hooks

(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

Although I have more than one set I’m always losing hooks. I’m completely out of 3mm and 3.5mm hooks so decided to buy some more.

After some research I discovered it was cheaper to buy a complete set of 12 hooks than buy 2 single crochet hooks.

Anyone else notice this? Now I’ve ordered 2 complete set ie 24 hooks for less than the price of buying 4 separate hooks.

I’m going to count the 20 hooks as freebies for bulk buying a total of 24 hooks.

Who knows at the rate I lose crochet hooks I might use them all lol

(Stephanie Guy) #2

Yes I found that a couple of years ago when I bought a set. Mine are bamboo and I love them, they are much smoother to use than the steel ones…although RSI stops me using them most of the time.

(Brenda Cumming) #3

Clover hooks were always my favourites ones as I crocheted for at least 8 hours each day and they helped protect my hands and wrists. (Sadly I can no longer grip the yarn to crochet, so I paint now). I also have a beautiful wooden hook that was hand carved for me by another crochet lady in the US)…I can no longer crochet but will never part with my collection…

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

I have a bamboo set but I’ve not really used them. I prefer my aluminium ones.

(The Daisy Dream) #5

I would never dare count the amount of hooks I have !! I keep trying new ones in the hope they will be comfier my fave at the moment are clover amour not quite got them all yet tho so more shopping !!
Sara x x

(Deborah Jones) #6

I needed some recently for a class and got a load in a charity shop for £1 each, they were aluminium and in perfect condition. Always worth trying, they usually have loads of knitting needles too.

(Stephanie Guy) #7

Deborah I only recently discovered that you could get them in the charity shops - they keep them behind the counter (potential weapons) so you have to ask for them.

Brenda I’ve never heard of clover hooks. How do they protect your hands and wrists?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #8

Oh yes I’ve seen the Clover ones but I’ve never tried one.

I’ve a hooks from charity shops and all my knitting needles are hand me downs and from charity shops.

Dehorah you are so right about them being behind the counter. I used to volunteer in the past while at uni and for about 10years after when we used to keep ours on the counter.

Now they have to keep them behind the counter incase some idiot threatens staff with a knitting needle.