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Themes of the Day for July 2020 - find all the tags here!

Here are the Homepage Themes of the Day for July. Thanks for all your suggestions – hopefully we’ve included something for everyone!

If you’re not show how it all works, here’s an article that should explain what you need to do

PS. For the Wood and Glass theme, a listing just needs to have both ‘wood’ and ‘glass’ tags on it - and obviously needs to be something that combines both wood and glass :slightly_smiling_face:

Day Theme Tag
Wed 1 Jul Watercolour watercolour
Thu 2 Jul Cards for Teachers card for teacher
Fri 3 Jul Ruby ruby
Sat 4 Jul One Of A Kind one of a kind
Sun 5 Jul Neon neon
Mon 6 Jul Great British Pea Week peas
Tue 7 Jul Housewarming housewarming
Wed 8 Jul Thank You, Teachers! thank you teacher
Thu 9 Jul Lace lace
Fri 10 Jul Delightful Dachshunds dachshund
Sat 11 Jul Coastal coastal
Sun 12 Jul Raspberry raspberry
Mon 13 Jul Sketchbooks sketchbook
Tue 14 Jul Chainmaille chainmaille
Wed 15 Jul Sunshine for St Swithan’s Day sunshine
Thu 16 Jul Guinea Pig Appreciation Day guinea pig
Fri 17 Jul Tropical tropical
Sat 18 Jul Handmade Lampshades handmade lampshade
Sun 19 Jul Ice Cream Day! ice cream
Mon 20 Jul The Magnificent Moon moon
Tue 21 Jul Turquoise turquoise
Wed 22 Jul Beach Huts beach hut
Thu 23 Jul Paper Anniversary paper anniversary
Fri 24 Jul Carved carved
Sat 25 Jul Line Drawings line drawing
Sun 26 Jul Hummingbirds hummingbird
Mon 27 Jul Wood and Glass wood, glass
Tue 28 Jul Marbled marbled
Wed 29 Jul International Tiger Day tiger
Thu 30 Jul Seashells seashell
Fri 31 Jul Chevrons chevron

admin…what have you done to me !!!
I have over 150 paintings and 90% of them are watercolours… but to me when people search they would search for watercolourS…so that is what all of them are tagged with…
I have just over 24 hours to go through them all and re tag them with WATERCOLOUR
(without the S)…aaargh…

@teabreaks Although I would write “painted with watercolours/acrylics/oils” I think when searching for paintings I would put “watercolour/acrylic/oil” without the s. It’s probably good to have some of both in your tags though, as there’s bound to be people who search both ways and I don’t think the Folksy search is advanced enough to combine plurals and singulars into one set of results.

I think it would also work if you had “watercolour” as a materials tag, but I just checked and yours mostly seem to just say paint, so that doesn’t help save any time :frowning:

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Thanks Kim…I am never quite sure what to use for tags…all the watercolour ones are now changes…phew…now to work on “one of a kind!”…lol

Yes, I’m sure there must be some really good tags I’m missing, but I just get certain phrases stuck in my head and can’t think of any others, so use them for everything. I still have to keep reminding myself to add plurals in the tags too.

I often forget to add plurals :woozy_face: I’ve started to write down the complete list of themes for the month then go to my shop and look what I have listed that fits any of them then check they have the correct tags. The written list is also useful when adding new stuff and sometimes as inspiration when making.