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Themes of the Day for October 2020 - find the list here

Here are the Homepage Themes for October. As always, we hope we’ve managed to include something for everyone!

If you’re not sure what the Themes of the Day are or how they work, here’s a quick run through:

The Theme of the Day is a section on the Folksy homepage where we feature a different theme each day, as suggested by you. To get your products included in the theme, add the tags listed below to any of your relevant listings on Folksy (they need to be the EXACT tag to work, not a plural etc). Your product will then be included automatically in the theme.

It’s also worth knowing that the homepage only shows a small selection of products chosen at random but it changes each time the page is refreshed - and there’s also a ‘see more’ button customers can click to see all items in that theme.

Day Theme Tag
Thu 1 Oct Moon and Stars moon and stars
Fri 2 Oct Pretty Pumpkins pumpkin
Sat 3 Oct Opal opal
Sun 4 Oct Halloween Ideas halloween
Mon 5 Oct Baskets basket
Tue 6 Oct National Badger Day badger
Wed 7 Oct Suncatchers suncatcher
Thu 8 Oct Russet russet
Fri 9 Oct Skulls skull
Sat 10 Oct Needle Felting needle felting
Sun 11 Oct Miss You Gifts & Cards miss you
Mon 12 Oct Metallic metallic
Tue 13 Oct Trick or Treat trick or treat
Wed 14 Oct Spiced spice
Thu 15 Oct Throws throw
Fri 16 Oct Pine Cones pine cone
Sat 17 Oct Stamped stamped
Sun 18 Oct Ghostly ghost
Mon 19 Oct Snoods snood
Tue 20 Oct International Sloth Day sloth
Wed 21 Oct Apple Day apple
Thu 22 Oct Sewing room sewing room
Fri 23 Oct Mist mist
Sat 24 Oct Woodland Christmas woodland christmas
Sun 25 Oct Block Prints block print
Mon 26 Oct Spooky spooky
Tue 27 Oct Toadstools toadstool
Wed 28 Oct Chunky Knits chunky knit
Thu 29 Oct Candles candle
Fri 30 Oct Plum plum
Sat 31 Oct Back to Black monochrome

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Thank you @folksycontent as a newbie to Folksy, this is really helpful with navigating the site. :pray:

Thank you!

I must have missed the post for suggestions for October :confused:

There didn’t seem to be a request for suggestions for this month - maybe they have enough left over from other months. I noticed that something I had suggested for a previous month has been used for October, so I think they must be using previous suggestions from everyone.

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There was definitely a suggestions thread in the Facebook group, earlier than usual so the shock of that might have made them forget about putting it here too! :laughing:


That is actually what happened! I thought I’d posted it on here too. Sorry forum folks.

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Hello :blush: when are the months theme of the day lists published? Trying to get super organised so was hoping that November’s list is soon. :grin::crossed_fingers:

First there will be a post asking for suggestions, and then about a week later the final list. There’s no set date for these things, but the final list is normally out in the last week of the month (so you can’t be that super organised :laughing:)

Ill just have to get organised the last week of every month :rofl::joy:

A query on Oct 31st’s theme, Back to Black. The tag is monochrome, which (in my brain) is black and white, but the theme is Back to Black. I have some black and white pieces ie my Mono Collection, but as I work in black clay, all my pieces are predominantly black. Are we limited to black and white ie monochrome, or can we feature pieces that are black with other colours? Thanks for any advice.