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There is an issue with some versions of Firefox and our security certificates

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More details are here:

We’re currently looking into this, and will keep the status blog updated with any progress.

(Sian ) #2

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(Marg) #3

What effect will it have, I use firefox. My items are not coming up in the search, I suppose that’s it. But if I click on the correct category they come up. Marg.

(Sian ) #4

Hi Marg

It won’t have had any effect on search results. There was just a warning about the security certificate that may have flashed up. This has now been resolved.

I’m not sure why your items should not be showing in search. Search brings up results based on relevancy - this is mainly determined by the words that you have included in your item title and description. If you have included the words that you are searching for in your item title/description, but the items are still not showing, could you please contact Support through our Helpdesk:

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