Folksy Ltd

Three Colors Items

(Fizz Tapsell) #704

(Emma) #705

black, green and grey

(Lynn Britton) #706

Heather, aubergine and sage green

(Emma) #707

Lot’s of bright colours

(Collette ) #708

(Lynn Britton) #709

Pink, blue and green

(Sue Beacham) #710

Black Orange yellow

Sue x

(Minerva) #711

More than three colors in this cheerful garland.

(LovelyMemoriesWaxMelts) #712

Blue, yellow an pink

Unicorn Wishes soy wax melts :unicorn:
A sweet fun fragrance of bubblegum, apples pears and banana on a fluffy background of sweet violets, jasmine, tangerines, plums and a final kick of sweet musk.
These wax melts weigh approximately 20g and are hand finished with a dusting of biodegradable and non toxic glitter.
All our melts are made using soy wax which provides a clean burn and is fully biodegradable.

(Lynn Britton) #713

Lilac, white and turquoise

(Jeanie Hansford) #714
Three colours on this hand embroidered card, for your best friend

(Morrisdesigns) #715

Red, white and blue, glass pearl and crystal bead necklace.

(HAZARDious) #716

I do these in silver, gold and bronze colours!

(Helen Healey) #717

Cream, green and purple.

(Minerva) #718

Various shades of green and other colors in this scarf…

(Mandie Bailey) #719

Black, blue & brass (on silver)

(Gemma turner) #720

i have used a range of warm colors in my large dream catcher

(Lynn Britton) #721

Green, yellow and blue

(Sarah Eves) #722


(Elaine) #723