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Three Colors Items

Mini coin purse key ring in white, orange, grey and aqua x


Black, red and green

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Violet, grey and pale pink


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I noticed that some of my older paper mache pulp pendants are limited to 3 colours :blush:
This one has an acorn design and I have used; Yellow Ochre, Green and Dark Brown.

Is 6 colours okay? Jewel Coloured Alice Fascinator, Black based with- sapphire blue, jade, purple, cerise and amethyst.


Winnie…Pink, lavendar and white

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Relisted today

Love this cute butterfly cocktail hat in navy, fuchsia & white…


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Relisted today

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Lavender bags in pink, blue and cream x

That is really lovely, the pom poms are so cute!

Bronze, brown and black.

Blue, salmon and grey