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Time to do the laundry

… and it’s raining again ! Please show me your items that will make washing day (or ironing, come to that…) a delight rather than a chore.


Personalised cards for football fans…

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I know I am odd, but I love the fact that when I have spent all that effort (!) ironing a shirt or summer dress knowing they are going on a ‘matching’ hanger kinda puts a smile on my face.


A peg bag.

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Raining here too! I have lots of cheery peg bags

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Peg bag in a Clarice Cliff design which buttons over the washing line and, therefore, won’t blow off. It’s the last one I have left and I really should get round to making some more.

Keeping pegs tidy!

Quilt as you go peg bag

Cheeky I know as not so much the laundry as washing up!