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Twins discount reminder

(Patricia Smith) #1

Just to remind everyone that I’m celebrating twin grandsons by offering 10% off ALL jewellery items in my shop until midnight on 30th April. Just use the Discount Code TWINS when you place your order. These pictures are a sample of the goods on offer - a sterling silver torc bracelet and a ring decorated with a leaf.

(Roz) #2

Your items are gorgeous but I have no one to buy for at the moment and can’t really justify treating myself especially as I can’t wear jewellery at work!

(Patricia Smith) #3

Thank you for looking, Roz!

(Leslie Morton) #4

I agree, I wish I had an occasion coming up. But, Congratulations and as a step mum to 26 year old twins, the fun has just begun. Good luck!

(Patricia Smith) #5

Thank you, I’m looking forward to it!