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Twit Twoo, Any Owls About

(Helen Healey) #284

Owl toiletry bag

(Claire Woodhead) #285

(Sophie Dockrill) #286

Here are my baby owl hats!

(Sarah Eves) #287

An owl doorstop.

(Claire Woodhead) #288

(Thatenamelguy) #289

(Christine E.) #290

Can’t believe this brooch is still with me- my owls used to fly out of the shop :slight_smile:

(BunnyStreet) #291

here is my cute case for iPad Mini

(Sarah Eves) #292

An owl in the sale.


Christmas owl here

(bluebellwoodturning) #294

Just popped this chap on, don’t suppose he will be around for long !
Stylised owl heavy paperweight turned from beautifully figured English Beech wood from a pollarded tree from Lickey Birmingham, with the owl’s face and claws pyrographed onto the surface of the wood. The piece measures 116mm tall and is 62mm in diameter. After being sanded smooth it has been finished with beeswax and buffed to a high shine.

(Sarah Eves) #295

An owl in the sale.

(Helen Healey) #296

(Helen Healey) #297

Wow, no-one has posted any owls since my last post in December!! Surely there must be lots of lovely owls on Folksy?!

Here’s my latest.

(MagicalMoments) #298

Owl and other cute woodland animals.

(reladesigns) #299

(NorthernLightsLampshadeDesign) #300

Our wise owl lampshade is really popular just now. Sure to brighten any room!

(Snappyscrappydesigns) #301

(Plumporridge) #302

(Mandie Bailey) #303

This cute little necklace