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Twitter advice

(Bitsandbobsboutique) #1

I opened the new shop today but want to know about Twitter, can you stop all the advertizing that goes on in Twitter popping up on your Twitter page? Because yesterday I opened up an account and got so much advertizing i closed it. Any ideas? Gabrielle.

(Stephanie Pearce) #2

What advertising do you mean?

My twitter page shows tweets in the middle column, trends on the left hand column and a short column on the right side of suggestions to follow.

(Bitsandbobsboutique) #3

yes that is what i meant sorry.xx

(Ali Millard) #4

Hi. I view twitter on my PC through and I don’t get any ‘promoted’ tweets. When I view twitter on my iphone, I do get the odd ‘promoted’ tweet and I block them so that I don’t see them again.

(Susannah Ayre) #5

I only ever use Twitter through my phone. No idea what it looks like on a computer screen. Through my phone I just see all the tweets other people I follow write or have shared, and the odd advert one but not many. I’ve never been bombarded by them.

(Stephanie Pearce) #6

I don’t know then, I only see tweets from people I follow and the left ans right hand columns are just there and not intrusive

(Sally Eira) #7

hi there.
i don’t seem to get hardly any advertising on my twitter - do you mean businesses following you?
there’s this on twitter which may help you:

(Silvapagan) #8

@Bitsandbobsboutique if you mean the middle column which is your timeline, then that is essentially what Twitter is. The more people you follow, the more variety of tweets you will see. You create your own tweets and they appear in your timeline and everyone else who follows you will see them in theirs.

If you follow me @sunrayswench you will see my tweets, and some of them will be showing things I have for sale. Most of my tweets are personal comments though, as I don’t like to spam my followers and risk losing them.