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Unexpected benefit of revamping my listings

I sell original artwork, prints, and greetings cards. Last month I put a significant amount of work into my listings for Originals and Prints. I re-took photos, especially the ones from my first weeks on Folksy, which didn’t do my work any justice. I took on board all the excellent advice here on the forums about how to write descriptions, and got my creative writing hat on. And I checked I was using all my tags.

The result - a sudden rush of sales of greetings cards, none of which I had touched!

I’m guessing that improving my other listings has brought more visitors to the shop and though they didn’t want to spend money on a larger purchase, they still liked my sort of work enough to buy a card. Hopefully they will all be back later in the year to buy original art for Christmas presents.


Well done - I really like your new outdoor styling too :slight_smile:
I must revamp some of mine - they are so dark!

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Your shop is looking fab

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Well done! :blush:

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I love the way you use props, @thedotterypotter, it shows off your pieces beautifully.

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Thank you Carol - I think your shop looks great with the mixture of black and white backgrounds. Really makes your items stand out.

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Thank you Martine - your dolls are so cute and all their accessories and clothes. And I do enjoy your Stories too!

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Thank you. I’m never really happy with my photos but with a lot of my items being white of pastels, i think i need the darker background.

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Well done…great news to see all the hard work does pay off.
I re-took all of my photos a couple of months back and my shop does look a lot better, they were all on a brick wall background and altough I loved it some of the items didn’t stand out, I now have them against white and it does look much neater.
I try with tags and descriptions and think they are ok!

That’s great! Well done.

It’s clearly working for you, Debby! Just looking at the best sellers list and it’s true they all have really great photos.

Thank you Helen for taking a look for me, pleased you think they look ok as well x

Your our outdoor photos really make your cards stand out. I would like to take more of my photos outside but I don’t really have anywhere at home. I may have to think outside the box (house) :grin:.

It’s difficult, isn’t it? I don’t have anywhere suitable indoors in my tiny house, but this is a good spot outside, provided the weather is right!

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