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Unexpected notifications

Woke up this morning to 99 notifications on the forum … all edits to my posts from ‘system’ - no idea what thats all about. Assuming its safe to ignore and move on! @dougfolksy @folksycontent

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I had a bunch of those as well - all on very old posts so I’m wondering if it is something to do with archiving.

Me too…I got 69…

Mines quite small at 15 then.

I got 73! I was wondering what was going on!

Yes I had 70 of these too and was very puzzled!

I’ve just discovered this too. Very odd.

I have just got 3. All from December 2016. Very strange!

Me too! Ideas anyone? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes mine says 99 !

I had 23 all from 2017!

I had some from feb 2017 as well. Would be interested to know what it is about @Folksyadmin

I think the forum has had an update today/last night, so it could be something to do with that?

71for me! Thought my luck was in!! :blush:

I’ve not checked in for ages so I had just three!! It looks as though the colours on the images were changed slightly.

I’m getting strange notifications again…‘system’ seems to be editing my posts. This has happened twice in the last couple of days…

I’ve just had one of those too.

Camilla do we know why yet? @folksycontent

I am now getting regular “system edits” , when I look at what the edit is it says “downloaded local copy of image” - not really sure what that means!

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Quite worried. Had an email from a man called John Gary from Nevada using and email that started with steven, wanting to buy a painting that is on folksy, he then said he had a problem paying for it and wanted my paypal address. Then he said it was international and he was going to arrange courier, then he wanted to put over £200 into my paypal account to get me to pay the courier he was arranging. It was all getting a bit bizzare so I have told him I will not accept his money and that our transaction was cancelled. It may just be me but I was concerned. Has anyone else had anything like this?

Years ago I had something similar. Is good you avoided his/her scam. The nerve of them!