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Unusually high views for one item this week

Hi guys, in the last two days one of our pendants has had 27 views. This is really uncharacteristic of our shop which typically gets 3-5 views a day and I know there are a lot of scams doing the rounds at the moment so I’m very suspicious.
Anyone else had a similar situation?
Dani x

Maybe you have had some nice publicity without knowing it! Has the item been featured in one of the Folksy Gift Guides? Check in your Dashboard, on the left hand side under Activity, click on Shop Activity, and I think it will show in there if so. Maybe someone has used the new Facebook Share button and shared your item somewhere popular? Could you do a google search fot the main image?

I’d be curious but not worried - I don’t see how lots of views could lead to a scam, hopefully just to a sale! if so, do let us know.

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Do an image search that should find out where its been featured - I had unusually high views on a pendant which turned out to have been caused by someone pinning it to her board of favourite fashion trends.


if it is the tanzanite flower pendant it featured in the Folksy newsletter.


It is! I had no idea and it didn’t show in the shop activity :slight_smile: thank you for letting me know x