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Watch strap frustration

I need a replacement strap for my watch, it is a 10mm wide strap in fabric I want and I can not find one anywhere, please can anyone suggest somewhere, or do people on here make watch straps please

When I needed a replacement fabric strap I made my own from a clip (rescued from an old rucksack but its the sort that get used in paracord bracelets) and a length of ribbon. Threaded the ribbon round the pins that held the old strap in place and stitched down the sides (no need to hem ribbon so I just over stitched), threaded the double thickness of ribbon round the bar bit of the clasp and a few more stitches (ok a lot of stitches I got carried away) to hold the end of the ribbon to the rest of it. Then repeat on the other side. Mine wasn’t particularly pretty as it was for the watch I wear when travelling and deet, sweat and sunscreen aren’t friendly to watchstraps. You can get both ribbon in 10mm wide and the clasps to fit 10mm wide paracord bracelets (search on amazon if no one else comes up with a better suggestion I couldn’t see the right size on here).
Best I can suggest I’m afraid.

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