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(TandMArtsandCrafts) #829

Hello, everyone.
I’ve been on Folksy for a while, but my New years resolution was to get more involved with the forums this year.
So we are T&M Arts and Crafts - T for Tammy, M for Mark (husband and wife). I make mosaics and silver wire jewellery and my husband is an artist, we sell his work as greeting cards and prints on here.
Its all a bit spirally! For example…

(Dorothy WInn) #830

Hi everyone!

I’m actually not brand new to Folksy, but I stopped listing anything in my shop a few years ago but now I’m re-opening it! I sell knitting patterns, mainly for jumpers, cardigans and accessories (hats, scarves, mitts…) I love designing simple, wardrobe staples with a bit of a twist as well as intricate heirloom lace pieces. I’ve been designing knitting patterns for 7 years now. I started knitting as stress relief when I was writing my PhD and quickly became totally addicted!

I’m currently working full time as a Maths teacher in Glasgow, but I’m looking to go part time in order to spend more time designing. I’m really glad to be back on Folksy and looking forward to getting to know you all!

(ByBernie) #831

Hi Everyone

I am new to Folksy and have listed my first items today. I have been crafting for a while making cards and gifts for family and friends. As I’m in between jobs I thought I’d see if I could make anything out of a hobby. I’m not in this for massive profit just enough to cover the materials and a little for my time. To be honest the idea of someone considering my items worthy to buy is the best reward for me.

(Tiffany Forshaw) #832

Good afternoon all,

I have just opened a shop on Folksy -

Please take a look! CoCoCover is a loop of lace that comes in 32 colours and can be worn as a wrap or a scarf. It is very popular for weddings be that the bride, bridesmaid or wedding guest and also popular for the races and regattas.

I hope you like it and I look forward to looking at all your wonderful products too!

Best wishes,


(Julia Stevens) #833

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(Julia Stevens) #834

Hello again,
Wasn’t sure how to load a pic properly so am practising…is this okay ? These are some boxes I make but I have moved over to Canvas and now Plant pots. My family are wondering what I am going to cover next !

(ABrandNewWorld) #835

Hello. Thought I would just pop in and introduce myself. I am Caroline from A Brand New World. Still a little new on forum chat. We are building up our business and finding out ways to promote and expand.
We design illustrate and create gift and homeware from those designs.
Look forward to learning more and seeing what you all do :slight_smile:

(Julia Stevens) #836

Hi there,
I’m Julia and new to Folksy and craft! Hope you are all well and flourishing! I love using preserved leaves to make things beautiful. Take a peek at the shop: It’s called ‘Everlasting Leaves’ due to the preservation of the leaves. I am fascinated by making organic things last longer!
Let me know if you like these products as they are quite unusual… the idea came to me on a dog walk and I needed something to keep my hands busy and my soul peaceful as I already help run a very busy business in town.
Lots of folksy love, Julia
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(Sharon Greaves) #837

Hi I’m Sharon,
I have been on Folksy for a while but I have recently put more work in my shop, hoping to see results soon! I am not very techy, and have just got sorted on Instagram. When I get my act together I am hoping to have a Facebook page but the thought of it scares me, people keeping telling me about Twitter but I haven’t gone down that route either yet. My work is a mixture of freemachine and hand embroidery, my main influences are childhood memories, tv shows of the 70’s so I’ve now given away my age! At the moment I am trying a 3D idea using my chick designs it’s a work in progress! I am hoping to get some of my images on cards if anyone has advice about that I’d be really grateful. Check out the shop
Kind regards Sharon🤗

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #838

Your items are lovely. Look forward to seeing more of them.

I have started following you on instagram Sharon @Daisylions

(OLLUfurniture) #839


Sally-Anne here from @OLLUfurniture, we are an independent furniture makers based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.
We launched OLLU just over a year ago but only joined Folksy a few weeks ago… we’ve just had our first sale from Folksy last week - yaaay!
My partner, Michael makes all of the furniture and I’m in charge of our Sales / Marketing - which isn’t a super familiar area for me so it’s a constant learning process! (any tips welcomed).

Anybody else here from Essex?

Looking forward to being part of the Folksy Community!

Sally-Anne x

(Sue) #840

One good tip is When on the folksy forum do not mention any other selling platforms :blush:

(OLLUfurniture) #841

Whooops - thanks @SueTrevor - have just edited the post!


(Sonia Jayne Hawthorne) #842

Hi Everyone,
I’m Sonia, i also have been on folksy for sometime now i add new items as often as possible. When i left school i studied to be a silversmith/jeweller and i succeeded. I knew from a very young age i wanted to make things, didn’t matter what material i used. I have my favourites wood, silver, and stationery. One of the reasons i decided to come on this forum is because i would like to hear your thoughts about my shop, and to get to know you all i have sold some items but not alot, i don’t have many female friends to ask there opinion. So if you have any ideas on how to improve the way my shop looks or anything please i would love to hear from you.
Kind Regards Sonia.
P.S. I can take critisuim.:smile:

(Woobeadhoo) #843

Hello, Im new to Folksy too. Just set up my shop this week…still listing, it takes ages doesn’t it! Good luck. hope you sell loads! Paula x

(Woobeadhoo) #844

Morning everyone. I am new to Folksy, have just opened my shop. I am a multi crafter, I make semi precious jewellery, textile and leather accessories. Do pop over and have a look, would be really greatful for any feedback…especially pricing which I really struggle with. Have previously just done local craft fairs, but Folksy is a bit different! Paulax

(Stringobeads) #845

Hi all
I`m Annette myself and my BFF Tricia make natural gemstone jewellery. We have a passion for gemstones and do a lot of craft fairs . We opened our shop here in September but have only just got round to catching up on the forums .
Had no sales yet but if we stick with it I think we will be fine . Everyone on here is so friendly and I like the fact that its all British craft x

(Debbie Lane) #846

hi My name is Debbie and I just openned Steam Bear & Co showcasing the creations I have handmade of Bears, Bunnie. etc
love the friendliness and helpfulness of Folksy!. gettng my head around all the promoting!!!

(Handmaderosesforyou) #847

hi there, I am Nicole and i have just opened my shop on here:) I make fabric roses with personal message, bouquets, birds, dolls and other little gifts…I will be adding more listings in the coming few days:) xo

(ginarahman) #848

HI, I have just joined Folksy with my Crochet Creations. Two listings added and more to follow. Looking forward to getting to know you all.