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👋 Welcome to the Folksy Forums (Read Me)! Introduce yourself here :)

(Tiffany Forshaw) #849

Introduced myself already but didn’t add a photo of my product - so here it goes! hope you like it!

(andiya) #850

Hi Im Sara and have just opened my shop here on Folksy.

I only have two items listed at the moment but intend to add a few more soon.

I have been making jewellery and accessories for a couple of years now and have been selling on Etsy and Ebay, not so much on Ebay though!! I felt it was about time to use a UK site and see how that went , so here goes . I know I dont have much to show yet but am open to any constructive critisism !

(Claire Oliver) #851

Hi, I just listed my first item! I hope I can create a great folksy shop. Excited :blush:

(Woobeadhoo) #852

Hello, Ive just opened my shop…I make semi precious jewellery too and textiles/leather. I will have a gander at your shop. I am still finding my way around forums…dont really know what I’m doing yet, your message was below mine! I have made my first sale this week, but have been madly sharing on Facebook and networking like mad too. Its very time consuming. So much to do , so little time! Paulax

(ELSRO) #854

Hi fellow crafters, im a newbie to Folksy to and i opened my shop yesterday. Still finding my feet on here.
I make a range of different things really but i love to work with buttons, scrabble, pegs and resin.
I have only added 3 items so far but i am planning to add more abit later on once i have my monkeys tucked up in bed.
Feeling alittle intimidated looking around others shops on here but im guessing thats normal with being a newbie?
I do alot of selling on ebay and abit on facebook but this is out of the old comfort zone haha. I am sure i will find my feet given time. :slight_smile:

(CockerSpanielsRus) #856

So excited we have just signed up today and made our first sale within about 10 mins :grin: Couldn’t believe it we have sold a few bits on Etsy and eBay but thought we would give the UK crafters a try fingers crossed we will have a few more sales over the coming weeks all of our items are printed in East Yorkshire based on our own cocker spaniel cartoon design. We are a bit spaniel mad having 5 between my friend and I who also owns the business, many thanks to our first customer :smiley:

(TinyLittleWorkshop) #857

Hello everyone, I’m new here.This is the first time I’ve done anything like this.
My shop has just opened, still finding my feet.

(thebeadybeaver) #858

Hi Guys

Just in the process of opening my little jewellery shop on here, I’ve been making and selling jewellery (sometimes I knit or crochet so they may creep into my sales pages.) for some years but through shops, fairs and friends. Due to long term health conditions I thought it might be easier to sell online. So her goes.

Shop will be stocked over the next few days, fingers crossed.

Thanks for looking :smiley:

The Beady Beaver

(Goudswaard) #859

Hello fellow crafters!

I failed Art at school, but now in my 40s have discovered there is a creative part to me which I can express.

My enjoyment of making cocktails on a Friday evening for my wife and I to enjoy with friends brought an appreciation of the shape, form and design of the ingredient bottles I was using. I didn’t want to throw them away so thought about how I could recycle them into something both beautiful and practical.

Do have a look at my range of Bottle Lamps in well-known and not so well known labels. I’m still experimenting, and I promise I have not drunk all the contents of the bottles!!!

Best wishes - James @BottleLit

(Danielle Clarke) #860

Hello there, I’m back after a few years off, folksy looks so different, I’m so glad to be back!!, X

(CheekyBiscuit) #861

Hi everyone,

I’m super new here (only a couple of days) but I thought it was about time I took the plunge and said hello!
I like to make a wide range of things i.e jewellery, notebooks, cards and I’m in the process of stocking my shop -although I’ve only managed to put up two listings so far!
If you have the time to check out my stuff that would be great. And any constructive criticism is more than welcome, so if you do have any comments on what I do then fire away - I’m all ears!

Thanks all.

(Shona Hall) #862

Hi all, well this is all a bit confusing!

I’m Shona, living in Northumberland. Just started up with a handful of items to begin with - selling my candles. I expect my first sale will be a while away yet, selling well on Ebay though.

(Cherie O'Rawe) #863

Hi. Gosh this is all very scary yet weirdly exciting. I have finally, after years of talking myself out of going public with my crafting, taken the plunge and opened my shop. ‘Creativity takes courage’ has become my mantra and I’m putting myself out there finally and selling my little decorative accessories. I had my first sale today and it was a great feeling. Yeah to Folksy.

(SJsfluffnstuff) #864

Congrats on your first sales - I have just started too, and am still waiting for mine. I love the simplicity of your phoos - I am thinking that I need to do something similar with a plain background.

(SJsfluffnstuff) #865

Your tiny houses are so cute!

(TinyLittleWorkshop) #866

Hi, Thanks very much, I’m working on Easter ones at the moment - as well as a whole village of tiny houses .

(Cherie O'Rawe) #867

Hi its all such a learning curve, isn’t it, and photos seem to be a major part at showing your wares off. Trial and error is I guess the only way of seeing what works. Here is hoping they work​:smile::+1: Love your little fluff kits.

(Ditsytulipshop) #868

Heelllloooooo!! I’m Mel from Ditsy Tulip. I just wanted to say Hi being a new member of Folksy. My craft is sewing and embroidery and I decided to open this store as I just couldn’t make any more things for myself (there is only so many hand made dresses a girl can have or afford to buy the fabric for!!), I was getting an increasing number of family and friends asking me to make things for them, so I decided to open up a Folksy store! I do run a sewing blog where I mainly update tutorials and reviews on patterns as I’m very passionate about helping people to learn to do something that they can love (

I would love your feedback on how my store looks, my layout, pictures etc… and any tips to help improve it would be great!

I did make my first sale a couple of weeks ago (to a stranger rather than a friend or family member) which I was super pleased about!!

I am going to put several hours to one side to read the forums as my next step is promotion (now that I have several items listed).

Please take a peek at my shop and let me know what you think!

(Ditsytulipshop) #869

I love these little boxes!! :slightly_smiling:

(HCDesigner) #870

Hi there,

I’m very new to Folksy, having just loaded some product photos on over the last few days. I usually sell at craft stalls, but wanted to see if I could sell any through online retail.

I fear my photography may not be good enough, but I will keep persevering.

I am lucky enough to live by the sea and all of my work is inspired by my surroundings.

Any feedback would be really appreciated.

Many thanks,