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👋 Welcome to the Folksy Forums (Read Me)! Introduce yourself here :)

(HCDesigner) #872

Hi there,

I’m very new to Folksy, but just popped over to look at your shop and added it to my favourites. How beautiful.

I hope you achieve some fantastic trading!

Best wishes, Helen

(Cherie O'Rawe) #873

Hi Helen
Thanks so much, hope you do well too . I Love Pebble art and yours is lovely :smile:

(HCDesigner) #874

Thank you so much, it is a pleasure to make :two_hearts:

(Ditsytulipshop) #875

Thanks so much for taking a look! It’s good to know we’re not alone finding our way around! Your shop is also fab, I’ll be sure to stop by again soon :purple_heart:

(BeckyMaeLoves) #876

Hello all! It’s my first time posting on the forum so I just wanted to say hello. I’ve been live on Folksy for just over a week so it’s all very new and exciting. I make charm and gemstone jewellery, do take a look at my shop here:

Looking forward to getting to know you all! :grin:

Becky x

(Samantha Newbury) #877

Hi, I’m new to the forum, but been live on Folksy since last year - I make pretty lightweight handbags, Christmas decorations and assorted other bits and bobs. I’m also a writer and artist. Sometimes there’s a crossover resulting in poems with sewing metaphors running through them!

(gemwaithemilyjane) #878

Hi everyone! I’m new to the forum but been on folksy about a year. My shop is still defining itseld - jewellery in different styles and recently some embroidery pieces too!

It can be a bit intimidating because everyone who sells on folksy makes such amazing stuff! It’s nice to be part of the community though :slight_smile:

(Richmakes) #879

Hello I’m new to folksy so just finding my way around any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated! :smiley:

(ElefooandFriends) #880

Hello everyone, I’m new to Folksy and the forum, so I’m still figuring things out. I design and create handmade greetings cards and frames using textiles. Just wanted to say hello.

(Emma) #881

Omd… @Ditsytulipshop your dungarees are adorable :revolving_hearts: I will be following your shop, love Emma x

(Maria Gomes - The Handmade Forest) #882

Hi, I’m Maria, and I’m from Italy. I have a blog named The Handmade Forest - - I’m a digital marketer and social media manager and focus my skills in small business owners and crafters. I just signed in here and I can’t wait to start interacting with all of you. :heart_eyes:

(AuraHealing) #883

Hi Guys!

I’m very new to Folksy (just joined today!) and would love for you to view my shop!
We sell bracelets made with real gemstones & weve been dabbling with digital art too!

I started doing these to keep my mind occupied during my pregnancy but as i am now 4 days overdue i don’t think anything can rest my mind now!! lol

Here’s the link & i would be very happy to view or favourite your items too! :slight_smile:


(Emma) #884

Welcome to the forums @AuraHealing I hope you enjoy your Folksy journey :slight_smile: I’m off for a nosey at your shop now x

(SimplyHammered) #885

Hi Everyone…New to Folksy :blush: Just trying out the forums…can any one see this…give me a wave

(Emma) #886

Hello Caroline, I can see you :wave: welcome to the forums x

(SimplyHammered) #887

Yay! Think Im getting the hang of it…Thanks

(SoPinkUK) #888

Hi Everyone, only just set up shop here and have a couple of items listed so far. Lots more to do but I’ve got other stores so busy busy busy :slight_smile: Looking forward to finding my way around, lots to learn and new connections to make.

Here’s to a great Folksy experience :grinning:

PS. Hope I’m doing this right :blush:

(Lin) #889

Hi I have just opened our new shop and really hope you like it. I’ve only got a few items in there at the moment but will start adding to it over the next few weeks. I have been making crochet homecrafts for many years and have now been encouraged by family and friends to share my work so really hope you enjoy it. Any constructive critism welcome!! Thanks Lin

(MichaelTerryArtisanJewellery) #890

From as early as I can remember I have always loved drawing. My most memorable childhood presents, for birthday or Christmas, were crayons or paint sets. My favourite lessons at school were those I could draw in: geography, physics, history and, of course, art. When I started studying at Bournville School of Art I was in heaven. ALL the lessons were in art. We were exposed to all aspects of art: life drawing, painting, ceramics, print, photography, sculpture, textiles, still life, jewellery, 3D and the history of art and design. My working life has been in graphic design, commercial print and advertising - well food needs to be put on the table. Today, I have returned to my roots and create unique works of art that I choose to present as handmade jewellery.

(Gemma Geake) #891

Hi All! I’m Gemma, I’m brand new to Folksy and brand new to selling my hand-made wares so this is a very new adventure for me! I’m already seeing so many beautiful items on here!

By day I’m a prescription clerk in a local doctor’s surgery but by night I like to get crafty. I’ve been making things since I was too little to remember. My mother rarely saw me without scissors and sticky tape in my hands and not much changes as I get older (although I’m a little less reliant on sticky tape to hold things together these days!).

I’m always on the lookout for new ideas to add to my repertoire and will be adding new items all the time so watch this space.

All the materials I use are sourced from the UK and all goods are made from scratch by me. Many of the fabrics I use are re-purposed from long forgotten items of unworn clothing hidden at the back of wardrobes so you’ll find plenty of one-off items.