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👋 Welcome to the Folksy Forums (Read Me)! Introduce yourself here :)

(preciousmoments) #933

Hello i am Debi from @preciousmoments…i am not new to Folksy but i now create and make picture keepsakes and gift tags for any occasion…i do use the forums but not as much as i should…i do visit shops and favourite items along the way…


(TheVerySmallCo) #934

Hello, I’m Julie, and have recently opened a supplies shop here on Folksy. I’m a magpie by nature so it’s hard to part with some things :grin:

No sales yet but it’s early days so looking forward to seeing how it goes!

(BladePrinters) #935

Hi all - yet another Folksy newbie here!

I’m John from Newcastle and recently started listing my “printed - fun quote mugs” on Folksy. Still new to all this so hopefully i’ll get the hang of it pretty soon!

Cheers John

(wharfwood) #936

Hi just joined folksy and am still adding items to my shop which is called wharf wood. I am a wood turner, and I have a workshop on a farm in Oxfordshire, I am passionate about my hobby and would not sell anything I wouldn’t keep myself.
My wife and I live on a narrow boat on the beautiful Oxford canal, we love our hobbies, hers is art, and we look forward to sharing them with you in our shop (wharfwood).
Thanks Ian.

(rachelseymourdesign) #937

Hi Everyone! I’m Rachel of Rachel Seymour Design and I design stationery - cards, prints, notebooks and pencils! :slight_smile: I love Folksy and what it stands for! I buy lots of items throughout the year on here and at Christmas, it’s so great to support other independent makers!!! Looking forward to seeing what people have been making this year for Christmas! Rachel

(Sam Sinclair) #938

Hi fellow crafters! I’m Sam from Sams Softies.
I used to have a shop a few years ago, when Folksy was in beta stage. And sold a few crochet goods. But I took a break for a few years, and decided after learning the craft of needlefelting, and creating something others adore, I decided to join once again! (My niche being the fancy Rat and my facebook page is Sams Softies.)
My, how its changed, so a bit of a learning curve.
But I’m happy to be back to old stomping ground meeting like minded folk, such as yourselves.
Your work is amazing guys! and I definitely think hand made is making a great comeback!
Pleased to meet you all at this awesome time of year.

(Embroidery Scene) #939

Hello, I am Jacqui from EmbroideryScene.
I do machine embroidery and create a variety of gifts and homeware, such as cushions and notebook covers, all with machine embroidery designs on them.
I have just re-opened my shop after a gap of about 2 years. It might take me a while to find my way around again, but hopefully I will be back, joining in the chat and admiring all your lovely creations before too much longer.

(Simon Hatton) #940

Ey Up (Hello), I’m new to folksy, only listing my first items for sale at the end of August’16. I’ve managed to make 5 sales so far, which feels ok but I’d like to make more. I’ve being creating garden signs and accessories for family and friends for a couple of years now but was told I could probably make a few quid by sharing these with others. I managed to get a “You Tube” gardener to display a custom made sign that I offered to him for free, which saw my shop views increase for a couple of days. Do any of you fellow crafters have any other tips on how I can drum up more interest and sales. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

(Chic and Co) #941

Hello all. I’m a newbie so I just wonder around at the moment trying to find my ways around things. How is everyone? Come and visit :*

(Sarah Reed) #942

I sort of new because I’ve just come back after a 2 year break. So much has changed so I think it will be a while before I get to grips with everything. I design and handcraft gifts, accessories and seasonal decorations from polymer clay. It’s great to be back :grinning:

(Helln) #943

Hi I’m Helen. I’m mum to 6 children ages from 18 down to 6. I’m a busy stay at home mum. I have had my shop for a while but haven’t added anything until last week. I like making jewellery mainly beading. Crocheting and sewing. I am aiming to mainly advertise my crocheting because I tend to be drawn to that more than other crafting. I will add other items in my shop as I go along. Nice to meet you all.

(TumblestoneCreations) #944

Hi all. I’m Mari from Wales (Tumblestone Creations) just joined today…making jewellery from river stones, beach stones and sea glass. I love this site so far, seems user friendly…there are some incredibly creative folk on here! I look forward to trying to point people to my page and hopefully gain a few sales x

(Rachel Hall) #946

Sorry I realised I have posted to the wrong forum - since deleted and added to shop talk! :grin:

(Cristine Dyer) #947

Hi Everyone, I’m Cristine from Dorset. Started up a small clothing line with original designs that my sister and I have created.

(Janine Reynolds) #948

Hi, I wanted to introduce myself, or rather re introduce, as I had this shop a while ago but work got so crazy I didn’t have the time.

Now I have decided I must make the time!

I only have managed to list one item so far but will be adding more over the next day or so.

Lovely to be back. :slight_smile:

(One Little Pug) #949

Just thought I would say hello! I have been away from Folksy for a long time, but I am making an effort to re-stock my shop, “assisted” by Henry the Pug. We hope our cards will make you smile!

(Simon and Rachel) #950

Hello lovely Folksy people. We are a husband and wife team producing a range of illustrative typographic posters about places and hobbies on a range of subject matters that appeal to all audiences. These make great Birthday and Christmas gifts for those who are difficult to buy for. We also offer a Personalised poster service which is very popular and always well received. Please take a look at our shop…:slight_smile:

(debbselliman) #951

Hello everyone!
My name is Debbs and I have been making masquerade masks for a little over three years now, I have sold lots around the world and I have also made some for a SKY1 TV series which is being aired at the moment.
I make wearable fairy gardens too in the form of Alice bands plus floral hair garlands, tiara’s and crowns
…oh yeah and black crowns for all those evil queens out there!
It is great to be back on Folksy, I was here quite a few years ago selling my kiln fused dichroic jewellery but I sold my kiln and went down a completely different crafty route! :smile:

(Kim Onyskiw) #952

I’m Kim and I’m new to Folksy, although I’ve been selling my paintings for 10 years now. I thought it’d be nice to have a UK based website to sell on so here I am, to see if my cute little animals can settle in and call it home.

(bexchalloner) #953

please have a little look at my shop :slight_smile: