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👋 Welcome to the Folksy Forums (Read Me)! Introduce yourself here :)

(SashaNaturals) #954

Hi everyone!
My name is Sasha, I’m new to Folksy and the handmade business in general. I’ve been making cold process soap and natural skincare for family and friends for a few years now and they kept telling me to start selling them because they are great, so… here I am! I started selling in October 2016 and I’m so excited!

(NiquesBoutique) #955

Hello fellow Folksy folk, my name is Veronique and I have had a folksy shop for a while but not yet braved it with the forums! A bit nervous about it but hope to make new friends, seek advice and give some if I can! I am an artist, a painter first and foremost and really make my living teaching art, but I also love to dabble in crafts such as jewellery making and sewing crafts. There are some really beautiful shops and items on here and I welcome anything anyone may have to offer in the way of advice. I’ve had a look at some of the topics etc, however to be honest I think it may take me quite a bit of time to get my head around using the forums! All feedback about my shop welcome :grin:

(Tina Martin) #956

Hello to all the new folksy people @debbselliman @konyskiw @bexchalloner @SashaNaturals @NiquesBoutique (and other’s) great to meet you all. Lovely to meet new folksy people and don’t be afraid of the forums, everyone’s friendly and you learn so much. Good luck to you all with your new shops :slight_smile:

(debbselliman) #957

Happy to be here and Thank you for your lovely welcoming message! :grinning:

(NiquesBoutique) #958

Hello and thank you for a lovely welcome! I’ll try not to be too afraid of
the forums…!
Colourful Nature Inspired Art

(Jacqui Dodds) #959

Hi everyone

I haven’t posted in this new forum before,
I’m a printmaker and make screen prints and linocuts/linoprints inspired by places and almost anything that’s found within them.

Here is a link to my shop:


(OwlOnTheRoof) #960

Hello, I’m Katherine, opened my Folksy shop a few weeks ago, I make pottery on the wheel, vases, jugs, bowls etc. Come and have a look :smile:
Owl on the Roof Pottery

(PrettyHopsAndJumps) #961

Hello there! I joined Folksy yesterday and am still feeling a little overwhelmed as I try to find my feet :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to learning and growing as part of this amazing community.

(Ant Clay) #962

Hi everyone, just starting to find my way around the lovely world.

I set-up a sideline business called Sails and Stories late in 2016 (too late really as I wasn’t established enough to take advantage of the Xmas rush!)

I’ve now found Folksy and setup my shiny new shop yesterday selling bespoke upcycled sailcloth Pocket Squares.

I’d love and very much appreciate any feedback anyone has and I look forward to making a positive contribution on Folksy and here on the forum.

Take care!


(Lara Sims) #963

Hi everyone,

I’m Lara and I own Arch & Ivy. We design and sell gorgeous handmade baby booties and beautifully illustrated greeting cards & gifts.

I joined Folksy last year, but have only just started using the forums. We would love you to stop by and take a look at our shop.

Thanks You! :two_hearts:

(RoxellaB) #964

Hi I’m shiny brand new - fell out of love with Etsy as it’s grown so huge, thought I would give Folksy a go.

How are other newbies finding it?

(Angela Harpham) #965

I may have introduced myself before … but if not, I am an artist, printmaker, photographer and crafter
Mature in age, solitary by nature, silly sometime, other times fearful of the violence In the world
Married for a long time, three grown sons three daughters by marriage and grandma to two growing up fast grandchildren
Art and craft is my passion and keeps me creative and sane
I create paper, single limited and varied edition print, occasionally paintings in various media, silk vessels, and photography
I read a lot …

(debbselliman) #966

Hi Angela
Pleased to meet you, my name is Debbs and I make/decorate masquerade masks, hair garlands, fairy Alice bands and crowns of different types …evil queens and all that stuff! lol
I am trying Folksy out again and have recently joined, I was on Folksy when it was in Beta (I made kiln fused jewellery back in those days)
It’s great to be able to pop onto the forum here as everyone is really lovely! :heart_eyes:

(Wendy Morris) #967

Hello everyone!

I have been on Folksy for approximately one year but I’m still finding my feet! I knit, purely as a hobby, but I have started selling my items on here and I hope other people can share my passion for it!
I have enjoyed scrolling through this particular feed and I have just recently created a ‘Folksy Favourites’ board on Pinterest - it is wonderful to see all the talented people on here! I shall certainly take a look on here more often from now on!

(Wendy Morris) #968

I love your shop - I have just favourited it!

(debbselliman) #969

Thank you! I need to get my pics to look better, something I am doing at the moment is re-taking all photo’s for every item, it’s taking me ages though but I will get there!! :grin:

(debbselliman) #970

I forgot to say when I introduced myself that I am on face book with two pages, if you would like to take a peak at my pages these are the links!

You can also find me in two places on Instagram:
bolshie_alice and masquerade_mad

I do blog as well but tend to forget about it quite a lot!! (I am a rubbish blogger) lol

(PollysWares) #971

Hi my name is Pauline Wright, I live in Oswestry Shropshire and I have just set up my Folksy shop. I am still trying to find my way around the set up which is becoming clearer as I try more things. One of the biggest frustrations I’ve found is that the total daily views is only updated once a day not on a real time basis.

I have joined in with one of the networking games and will take part in others as I finish listing my items in my shop. Oh by the way my Shop is called Oswestry Jewels. I have this shop, two Etsy shops and two facebook pages. These are:

FB Jewellery:
FB Knitting:

I am looking for ways to increase my favourites for both the shop and the listings as well. Any hints and tips would be much appreciated as would any feedback on my shop.

Thank you for reading this far.
Pauline. xx

(Angela Harpham) #972

What lovely socks.

(samspens) #973

Hi, My name is George, I am a woodturner who makes wooden pens and decorates them with pyrography. I’m looking forward to selling these unique gifts on here.
best regards