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👋 Welcome to the Folksy Forums (Read Me)! Introduce yourself here :)

(PollysWares138) #974

Looking forward to taking a peek in your shop George.

(Wendy Morris) #975

Thank you Angela.

(Aurorajaynecreations) #976

Hello :smiley: i am not new to Folksy but i am new to creating/making cards for all occasions,gift tags and bags also decorative glass candle holders, it took me a while to decide which path i wanted go and a unique business name to go with, so here i am after spending lots on new tools and supplies :wink: , my shop is rather empty as i am just starting up properly this year, some of you may know me, criticism is gratefully recieved in getting my shop set properly as i am hopeless at taking decent pictures…

(Sorry for the long intro)

(Jill) #977

Hi everyone

I’m a new seller on Folksy, a friend and fellow Etsy seller has recently started selling here with immediate success so I thought I’d give it a try.

I have 2 shops on Etsy and also sell on Ebay but I’ve created my Folksy shop as a niche marketplace which is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while now.

I’m working a little bit backwards - I’ve set up shop and listed my items and will be busily filling in the background and personal details over the next few days so if it looks a little bare - well, it is but I’m onto it.

Fingers crossed for success :pray:


(NaturallyPreciousDesignsbySuzanne) #978

Hi everyone, I am Suzanne my shop is naturally precious designs.opened my folksy shop this January. Trying to find my way round ( I am not great at social media!!!)I make gemstone jewellery. I have been selling my jewellery for 5 years in galleries in the English Lake District. Gemstone are a real love of mine . Hope I can make folksy work , will give it a good go :slight_smile: Suzanne.

(Louise Jones) #979


Its been a long time since I have been on here. I had a shop on here a few years ago selling some jewellery and cards. I have just today re-opened my shop selling prints of my canvas paintings. Most of my paintings are of various locations around wales where I live. I have only got a few prints in my shop at the moment but will be adding more over the next few days. Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think.


(PrettyBagDesigns) #980

I’m Nush and I’m making leather bags and accessories. Currently in my shop i have items made out of vegan leather but i constantly try to look for new inspurations, so soon i will be introducing genuine leather items. Have a look at my shop, let me know what you think and most importantly, stay tuned! Im happy to take custom orders and listen to your ideas you might have.
Nush x

(Melsey) #981


I use to be here a lot and have been away for a while but am back now waving crafty fairy sales thoughts.

(VioletMaeLucas) #982

Hi. I’m Sam, selling under my business name of Violet Mae and Lucas (the middle names of my children!). I’m a textile and mixed media artist, I’m a single mum and have various rescued pets (Guinea pigs and dogs right now), I don’t have nearly enough time to create but I felt that opening a Shop on here would give me a good incentive! I juggle working part time in a vegan cafe and I teach home ed kids creative art one afternoon a week, I’ve been self-employed for over 10 years now as I have health problems which prevent me from working full time (plus very limited childcare available to me!). I live in a fairly isolated rural location so I guess that I’m looking for a bit of community too! Sorry for the essay! Hi everyone!

(helenwarburton) #983

Hello everyone Im not sure what im doing yet but im sure ill get there…i think…I have just opened my shop and listed a few item I make jewellery specializing in silver stacking bracelets…

(CobbiesCorner) #984

Hi, I started my Folksy shop just after Christmas but still on a learning curve. A friend recommended the Folksy forum today, so here I am. Looking forward to getting lots of tips. Jenny xx

(Kim Blythe) #985

Welcome to the forum Jenny! @CobbiesCorner


(CobbiesCorner) #986

Thanks Kim, looking forward to working my way round the forum x

(René Trewern) #987

Am I missing something? Are we allowing other countries to sell on Folksy now?

(AilsaArts) #988

It would appear so, sadly!!!

(HarlieandDragon) #989

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a good Wednesday? I’ve had my Folksy account and shop for quite a while but only just started using it:

I like to make things that are quirky and a bit different, and love to upcycle. I also like to encourage people to do some crafting of their own, and hope to provide some more little DIY kits in the near future. I have a set of storage shelves that probably belong in a garage, but it lives in my spare room instead - stuffed full of things I hope to make other things out of!

Looking forward to favouriting lots of your lovely items here on Folksy!


(Sue Beacham) #990

Hi its Sue here I opened my shop a few days ago, I’m still adding my crafts, pleasevtakeca look

(RiaCooper) #991

I’ve just opened my shop today and posted my first item - please visit and have a look :slight_smile:

(Jamiejack) #992

So I have been in here for a week and haven’t said hello…

Well the reason I am using the site to start with is to sell my mom’s gemstone stash that she has acquired over the past few decades.
She has several illnesses and has asked me to raise some money and also get into a medium myself.
I will list strands over the next few weeks.

Everything is high end semi precious and ice had an amazing 1st week so thank you.

As soon as I’m funded up in sure I’ll be buying off some amazing creators on here :slight_smile:

(KaysCornishCreations) #993

Hi, Im new on Folksy and just having a little look around. I only have one item listed at the moment but hoping to add much more soon.
Hopefully there will be exciting times ahead.