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👋 Welcome to the Folksy Forums (Read Me)! Introduce yourself here :)

(Margaret Milgate) #994

Hello everyone, I opened my little shop 10 or so days ago and have been busy listing things on there. I am 65yrs young and sewing is my hobby and my passion (next to my lovely husband and 3 wonderful children).
I am lucky to have two gorgeous little grandsons, aged 2yrs and 6yrs and they have inspired so many of my projects whether it be dribble bibs or cot quilts, they also get to road-test everything I make!
3years ago I began selling at craft fairs, most of them around November and December and I thoroughly enjoy it.
I am so pleased to be here, I know from looking at some of the amazing things you’re selling I won’t be going anywhere else when I need to buy a gift for someone, trouble is how to choose :smile:

(Michelle Collier) #995

Hi everyone! I started selling on Folksy back in 2010, but after a couple of years my full time job took over and I simply didn’t have the time to keep my store going :frowning:

Now I’m back with more focus than ever, and hoping to throw myself into things. It’s amazing to find how much the community has grown, and it’s been a pleasure browsing through all of your shops and seeing your beautiful work.

Here’s a link to my store. Sales are slow going at the moment, so I’d love to know what you think :slight_smile:

(Emma Irlam) #996

Hello everyone! Just joined the site and have started listing in my shop. Thought I would say hello!

(PollysWares138) #997

Hello Emma welcome to the group.

(Emma Irlam) #998

Thank you! :slight_smile:

(Janet Allinson) #999

Hi - I’ve just begun stocking my shop and just wanted to say hello to fellow crafters on Folksy. Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!

(PollysWares138) #1000

Hi Janet Welcome to the group. xx

(Janet Allinson) #1001

Thank you X

(MarianaPandi) #1002

Hi all!
Just starting to stocked up my shop here on Folksy.
I am knitting/sewing since little and growing up I realise that craft makes me happy,helps me to relax so I starting to make more and more products until I’ve started to do craft fairs (which I just love) and opened a shop on Etsy. Not sure why but for a good while I wanted to open a shop on Folksy too. I only started to list items and I will be adding more regularly. Please have a look when you got a minute and I would love to hear opinions,any kind.
Can’t wait to start exploring your creations.

(Nightshadedolls) #1003

Hi, I’m Yve and I just opened my shop last week (actually, I am a refugee from etsy!) and thought I would pop in and say hello. Finding the forum quite difficult to navigate as these threads just scroll endlessly on my Mac… so feeling a bit sea sick! I hope I get a chance to meet some of you though, and have already begun making a wish list from people’s shops on here :o)

(helenhandmade) #1004

Hi… newbie here, Helenhandmade… finally taking the plunge and adding a few of my creations to see how it goes, found it a pretty straightforward process… how long before everyone got visitors to their shop and was everyone like me, obsessing with waiting on their first visitor!!!

(helenhandmade) #1005

have to agree with the forum being difficult to navigate!!! took me a while to figure how to post a message! (I am not the most computer literate it has to be said!!!), good luck… was Etsy not working out?

(Nightshadedolls) #1006

Hi Helenhandmade, etsy was wonderful for many years but they are forcing a new payment system on everyone and I just wanted to keep using Paypal, it’s more convenient for me. Over the last year I realised that I drive all the footfall into my shop, so wasn’t actually losing anything b y leaving them….and with Brexit in progress I thought I would fly the flag and base myself on a British site from now on :o). Yve

(Leanne Warren) #1007

Hi everyone, I joined Folksy on Easter weekend and have just found this forum which is all a bit confusing but hopefully I’ll soon get used to it :slight_smile: I have two shops LEAPUP where I sell my dog art and accessories ( and Rose Filtered where my husband and I sell our photography (

Both shops are still very much works in progress with lots of items still to list and I’m still getting used to how this all works. I would really love some suggestions/feedback on how I would go about getting included in the gift guides on the Folksy home page if anyone has any ideas or suggestions about how I do this as I think I have some items that would fit perfectly in the categories? I really look forward to figuring this forum out and becoming an active member of this community! Leanne x

(Leanne Warren) #1008

Yve, another fellow Etsy refugee here! I feel very much the same way - all the frustrating changes Etsy has made and the fact it’s so US based has led me to really want to use a British site and not put all my eggs, time and energy into the Etsy basket anymore. I’m really looking forward to seeing how things go on Folksy :slight_smile:

(Nightshadedolls) #1009

Hi Leapup, nice to meet you here :o) Let’s hope the future is bright for us all!

(LosanaB) #1010

Hi, I’ve finally found time to check out the Talk section, still floundering a bit as it seems to work rather differently to others I am used to. I can not for the life of me work out where it got the image it seems to be using for my profile in here for instance, that is an old image I don’t use, and don’t want to use, anymore so I really want to figure out how to change it.

My current business is focused on fabric recycling/upcycling but I seem to be making only bags at the moment, this needs to change before I become bored with bags (actually, not sure I will ever bored of that :slight_smile: ), and is still new and I’m trying Folksy as it seemed to match my ethos closest when I was looking at 3rd party selling platforms.

(LosanaB) #1011

And as soon as I posted that I worked out where the image came from and how to change it! Shows how long it is since I used anything that fed from gravatar :slight_smile: Altered now.

(CazysCrafts) #1012

Hi everyone!

I’ve just started my shop up!! It’s called Cazys Crafts.

Last month I made my four year old a wreath for her bedroom. She loved it so much that she insisted I should make them for other people, so I have!

I’m going to be listing some other things in the near future so watch this space!

Fingers crossed!

(Sian) #1013

Evening all.

I’m Sian, I joined last week, and I make sewn and embroidered items. Been doing it for just over a year, but only concentrated online since xmas.

Looking forward to getting to know you all. :blush: