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👋 Welcome to the Folksy Forums (Read Me)! Introduce yourself here :)

(Morven Robertson) #1014

Hello everyone!
I have just set up my first Folksy shop and am loving it here already! Looking forward to seeing likeminded individuals work and to get to know new people!

My shop is Morvenna and I am selling (and will be selling more of) unique artwork (watercolour, ink, pastels), homeware items and accessories so watch this space! View my Folksy shop here

(Morven Robertson) #1015

nice to meet you Sian and good luck! I have just opened my first shop also - exciting times! :slight_smile:

(undertheskydesign) #1016

Hello! I’m Lindsay and I’m new here too. I opened my shop at the end of last week. I make jewellery from silver, gemstones and seaglass. Looking forward to chatting :slight_smile:

(claremaryangreen) #1017

Hello, I have just listed my latest pice of work and would love some feedback. Is my work too expensive for Folksy? Joined a month or so back, not perhaps the best time of year, but I would like to sell my work outside of Devon and Somerset, so feel that Folksy is a platform to the whole of the UK.

(Sarah Eves) #1018

Introducing Geoffrey.

(undertheskydesign) #1019

This is absolutely beautiful. I don’t think it is expensive for what it is and if I was living in my forever house I would scrape together the cash to buy it! :slight_smile: I joined a couple of weeks ago and haven’t sold anything yet. I only have 5 things on at the moment and the other week I was getting no traffic but it has started to slowly improve. x

(helenhandmade) #1020

I joined a couple of weeks ago as well and my shop views have ground to a halt so you are doing something right (Under the Sky!)… any suggestions welcome!!!

(undertheskydesign) #1021

Love your taggies! I have had to spend loads of time on Facebook groups trying to network and I think what little traffic I have had has probably come from that. I am beginning to think that I might be better off paying for a couple of facebook adverts as the networking has really eaten into the time I have for making! I hope it picks up for you and that we both get some sales!!! :smiley:

(undertheskydesign) #1022

He’s gorgeous! :heart_eyes: You have some lovely things in your shop :smiley:

(Sarah Eves) #1023

Thank you :slight_smile:

(helenhandmade) #1024

I am beginning to think it is (in part at least!) as I am not so pushy on the networking side of things and from what I’ve read that does take a lot of time up (plus I am not really into techy things and need a lot of help!!)… guess I was hoping for traffic from Google searches but it seems it doesn’t work that way… oh well… onwards and upwards, I’m getting orders from my Facebook page and hopefully once people see my work more will come in, thinking of doing a craft fair in summer too, just waiting to hear back from one

(claremaryangreen) #1025

Thank you. I shall persevere, your work is lovely too, perhaps a few more listings when you have time …? Not that I have sold here, but I intend to! :wink:

(Thedotterypotter) #1026

Hi - welcome to all you lovely new sellers :slight_smile: I’m off to have a look around your shops x

(JaxEnamelledJewellery) #1027

Hello everyone, I am Jacqui and I have just opened my shop on Folksy, ‘Jax Enamelled Jewellery’. I make and sell colourful and unique pendants and earrings using enamel on copper, fired in a kiln in a small but perfectly formed workshop in the West Midlands. This is at the bottom of another Folksy crafter’s workshop, Bluebell Woodturning, and Mel not only created my workspace but is also sharing his Folksy knowledge with me - he too has been bitten by the enamelling bug and has already started to list a few beautiful woodturned items with enamelled inserts! I am looking forward to having a closer look at the work of all you talented crafters as I find my way around the site and the forums, and hopefully contributing to the many lovely gift guides. I know I’m new and I suspect this question has been asked before but, is there any possibility of having an app at some point? It would make life so much easier! Cheers, Jacqui

A sample of my work…

(Thedotterypotter) #1028

Hi Jacqui, welcome to Folksy and the forums :slight_smile: Your work looks brilliant - I love the orange teardrop pendant at the bottom of your photo. I’ve just been over and liked your shop.

(Nicola Hendry) #1029

Hello! I am new to Folksy, and hope that my time here will be a fruitful and productive one! :smiley: Please check out my items, and hopefully with a few sales there will be more to come! I sell my glassware down in Exeter, and am planning to frequently partake in craft festivals around the southwest.

Here is my shop if you care to have a look, and of course will appreciate all the favourites, as being a newbie, i’m sure its hard to start off! Thank you, and stay creative! <3

(Thedotterypotter) #1030

Welcome to Folksy, Nicola :slight_smile: Your work is absolutely stunning.
I’ve just been and given your shop and items a like - look forward to seeing more items in your shop soon.

(MABArtStudio) #1031

Hi all! :slight_smile:

I just joined Folksy few days ago. I am selling my watercolour creations. I am in the process of listing more items. I will be selling original watercolours, prints, greeting cards, notebooks, pocket mirrors, coasters and jewellery boxes. Feel free to have a look at my shop. I hope you will like it! :slight_smile:
Here is an example of my work:

(Morven Robertson) #1032

i think your work is beautiful and no too expensive - im sure for the right person, it is ideal! How are you finding Folksy?

(claremaryangreen) #1033

Hi there Morvenna, I have had one sale, to a friend (after I posted on Fb), and two enquiries … one from somebody in the US who wanted something delivered in three days (Royal Mail estimate 5-7 days) so that was a no go, and the other from somebody with an “art gallery” in the US wanting me to send my work to them sale or return. I reported the second enquirer to Folsky Support and they have replied that they have given the person a warning, as that is not what Folksy is about … so, a bit of a mixed bag so far.

How about you?