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👋 Welcome to the Folksy Forums (Read Me)! Introduce yourself here :)

(claremaryangreen) #1034

Ooh very nice work, just been over to your shop and :heart:

(Morven Robertson) #1035

Hi Clare! That is great news… glad to hear that you’ve got off to a good styart - although it does seem there are a few odd characters on Folksy! As for me, just starting out - have had a few likes but no sales as yet - going to be getting more printed items such as greetings cards and sculptuyres on my site soon, so fingers crossed! As i work full time it’s getting the time to do everything but uiltimately want to make Morvenna full time! Good luck and I will look out to see how you are getting on! Morven

(claremaryangreen) #1037

Yes, it is tough when you are working full time. Good idea to start now, and be in good time for Christmas though … funny, we both are working with stags and swallows

(Morven Robertson) #1038

I know! We have a market booked for July in Edinburghh so am really excited about that! I know, indeed, going for my Scottish theme! Looking forward to seeing what else you produce - your work is lovely!:slight_smile:

(ShopperErhaz) #1039

Helllo I’m new in this forums and I would like to be part of folksy. Hope to have more friends here and I am a shopper and I want to shop for my family and especially for my Daughter. I’m interested on jewelries and clothing. Sometimes, I also want to buy and sell items. I also want to learn more so I joined this community. Have a good day to all

(Trevor Harvey) #1040

Good afternoon, just setting up shop here on Folksy - technically not a newcomer as I had a shop here years ago but personal circumstances meant I had to abandon it… but I’m now able to resume my picture making… :grin:

(charlottebetts) #1041

Hi everyone.
I am new so wanted to introduce myself. I have just started to do a bit of upcycling and looking forward to meeting you all and getting advice from experienced crafters.
This was my 1st effort. An upcycled Ercol chair.

(Trevor Harvey) #1042

Hello, from a fellow recent joiner… nice chair :slight_smile:

(joannescotland) #1043

Hi - I’m Joanne and I set up my shop, The Crafty Puddock, a few weeks ago. I’ve not had any sales yet here on Folksy, but I remain ever hopeful! I design and crochet cases, covers and sleeves for lifestyle accessories (e.g. phones, e-readers, tablets, journals and stationery). Crochet has been my passion since I taught myself how back in 2008 - it saved my post-natal sanity! I’ve loved crafting since I was a young child, and I’m now overjoyed to have the opportunity to try and turn that love into a small business :smiley:

(LovelyMemoriesWaxMelts) #1044

Hello everyone, I’m Daisy and I’m a brand new Folksy member :blush:
I’ve just opened my shop called Lovely Memories Wax Melts. I really hope you will have a quick browse and let me know what you think. It’s scary being the newbie but I had a browse and this seems like such a friendly community. I couldn’t be more excited!

(TwistedSilver) #1045

\hello all, I’m not exactly new to Folksy - I had a shop a few years ago but I got a day job so I had to shut it down. I’m back now and I have a new shop but I’m struggling to make my very first sale. Loads of impressions, a few views but no conversions at all.

(TwistedSilver) #1046

Your work is lovely :slight_smile:

(LovelyMemoriesWaxMelts) #1047

Thank you so much @TwistedSilver :kissing_heart:

(Selena Lee Rose Allen) #1048

Hello! I am not brand new to Folksy, I set my shop up awhile ago when I was a very new seller, listed a few items and they didn’t sell so I didn’t renew. Now I have been established for awhile and hopefully know a little bit more about things, I thought I would come back and give it another try! Just listed a few items today, and will add some more over the coming weeks. As well as my handmade pieces, I sell some original and refurbished vintage as well and also do craft & vintage fairs around the Greater London area :smile:

(LuckJudgementGifts) #1049

Hi everyone!

I’m back on Folksy after being away from a while so hope things are ticking along nicely.

I hope you like my little shop. More items to follow very soon :blush:

(prettyawesomewildlifeclub) #1050

Hello from the Pretty Awesome Wildlife Club.

We’ve just opened our new shop on Folksy and we’re feeling very excited.

We both met through Folksy (Sally from ‘Sally and the Freckles’ and Nicky from ‘The Catkin Boutique’) through our love of the weird & wonderful world of animals and our passion for creating.

We make surprise boxes and illustrated products & accessories - all with a wildlife theme …

Nicky & Sally

(Forevertails) #1051

Hi everyone I am quite new to folksy I thought I would give it a go. I make very unique bespoke horse/pet and sometime human hair/ashes jewellery. I guess my jewellery is very unique and not to everyone’s taste but I love making beautiful pieces and love getting feedback from my items just has much. I have had quite a bit of success on etsy but wanted to get more sales in the UK. I have only listed about 5 items to start but I am not getting many views and no sales so far, what am I doing wrong? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks Maxine

(Kim Blythe) #1052

@Forevertails I had a quick look at your page, but had trouble with your Facebook link…however I found you eventually!
There is no mention of your Folksy shop on your Facebook page so a link on there to your shop here might help, and regular posts on their with links to the item on Folksy.
Promotion is the key, Folksy is not as well known as other sites so you need to let people know you are here by regular promotion on social media. I use Facebook and Twitter a lot, and Pinterest and Google+ occasionally too. Others have great success with Instagram but I haven’t a clue with that I’m afraid!
You cannot rely on people browsing Folksy to just find you…it’s down to you to promote I’m afraid.
Wishing you success!!

PS…it might also help if you explain the process of what happens when someone purchases? Do you email them with details so they can send the necessary hair/ashes? There is nothing in the descriptions etc. to tell people what happens next…

(Forevertails) #1053

Thanks for the reply, can you tell me the problems you had with my page please so I can fix. Yes I will add a description of the process thanks. I promote quite a lot on my Facebook face but never though to add the folksy link will try to do so x

(Kim Blythe) #1054

When I clicked on the link I just got a huge picture of the banner. I could scroll down and look at some of the posts but if I clicked on anything (like your ‘About’ page) it just opened a blank page. I use Chrome normally, or Internet Explorer , on a desktop and don’t normally have any issues with Facebook.

PS…I just checked again and your Facebook link seems ok now…