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👋 Welcome to the Folksy Forums (Read Me)! Introduce yourself here :)

(Forevertails) #1055

Thanks KBCreations I changed the link, not sure why it did that as I just copied from Facebook and usually works, had to mess about with it but glad it works now. Also added some more detail, although limited for character space. I find folksy a little hard to navigate and update but I am sure I will get used to it. I do use instagram but tend to just get a lot of likes on there. Thanks for help

(Serdus) #1056

Hi I am new to Folksy,so just having a read of everything to adsorb as much information as possible :blush:
you might find me posting lots of questions, so please be nice in your replies
Serdus x

(Bernadette Buhagiar) #1057

Hi I’d like to introduce my shop and bit about its purpose.

Over the last couple of years I have suffered with mental health issues. I have always enjoyed my arts and crafts and found these a great tool with my therapy and ongoing recovery. Being mindful on ever creation is a wonderful way to focus my other hectic mind and the sense of achievement once completed is indescribable. After speaking to other suffers and crafters I decided to put my years of sales experience to better use and have set us this shop to give others and myself a platform to showcase our pieces and maybe earn a little living from it too. All the pieces in my shop are handmade by crafters who may have or are suffering from Mental Health Issues.

Thank you for reading and maybe stopping by my shop.


(FleetFootedHare) #1058

Hi everyone. Just introducing myself, trying to learn the hang of it all! Hoping to crack a sale soon!

(Andrea Thomas) #1059

Hello! I have a new shop on Folksy called Sentiment Lane where I sell my handmade paper craft items and also jewellery. Many moons ago I had a popular jewellery shop on Folksy called ‘My Beady Eye’ but I let the crazy day job take over and closed my shop!

But…I missed it and so a few years later I am back with a new look and a new shop name! Folksy has changed quite a lot during that time and so I am just trying to find my way around but hope to be in the forums much more!

Andrea :slight_smile:

(Andrea Thomas) #1060

Thats strange I have just realised that is the wrong logo for my shop…its an old one I decided not to use…i’ll see if I can work out how to change it…

(Andrea Thomas) #1061

Ta Daa!! Getting the hang of it already - now showing the correct one! :slight_smile:

(BespokeBridalTiaras) #1062

Hi, my name is Lisa and I run Bespoke Bridal Tiaras. I’m new at Folksy but have been selling on Etsy for years. I recently moved back to Scotland after having lived in Turkey for seven years. I’m now in the process of re-launching my bridal headdress business through Etsy, Folksy, and my own website, so it’s a mad race to get current products loaded across platforms with different descriptions etc, and design and photograph new products.

I’m loving it though!

(HandmadebySKI) #1063

Hi, My name is Sandra I make cross stitch cards for any occasion, just from designs I see in magazines. Just starting work on some Christmas ideas thinking of doing decorations as well

(HandmadebySKI) #1064

Can anyone tell me how to link my Folksy page to my facebook page.

(Joanna Murray) #1065

Just thought I’d say hello - very new to Folksy, so it’s early days! :wink: x

(Lynseyh1979) #1066

Hi Folksy people

Totally lost but getting there.

I am Lynsey and after a long and dull office job i am now at home with my kids and trying to sell enough crochet anything to pay for my yarn habit :wink: as well as the yarn i use to make things for a baby charity.

Can’t wait to see if thia works

Lynsey x

(Geraldine McPhee) #1067

Welcome Lynsey, your crochet is beautiful. I too have a yarn habit…mine is knitting…and I am new here too. I just keep looking in at the Folksy forum to see whats happening and its great looking in all the shops. There are some gorgeous things. Good luck with your shop…it can take a while to get going but it is brilliant when the email arrives to say you have a sale!!!

(Kazakhsha) #1068

Hello, I am new to Folksy, I am a leatherworker and I live in Aldershot, Hampshire.

(LozziGoods) #1069

Hey, I’m Lozzi, the owner of LozziGoods. I’ve started my 15 day trial today!

(Della Marie) #1070

Hi Everyone,
Am a new gal on the Folksy block, Della Marie from Enchanted Lane.
I’ve been trading around Donny for the past few years at various stalls and fairs. I also work in Social Care but crafting is never too far from my heart.
I’ve resisted Folksy for a while now but could resist no longer as it’s based in my hometown and is BRITISH.
Looking forward to participating in group chat, I favour wire/textile/beads as my mediums to work with.
Check out my shop:
Thanks bye!

(Christine E.) #1071

Hello Aiman, I found your shop in the search. If you want your shop to appear by your posts in the forum, I think you have to log out of the forum and log back in.
I like your leatherwork, but when I looked at your “About me” section, I was surprised to be welcomed to your Etsy shop! :slight_smile:

(Kazakhsha) #1072

Hmmm, how is this even possible? I don’t post any links to my Etsy shop here, whole idea of joining Folksy was to be close to British handmade buyers… I should check settings. Technically I am not sure how it is possible.

(Christine E.) #1073

There isn’t a link, Aiman, but when I click on your “About me” section (or scroll down to the bottom of the page), it says "Thank you for visiting my shop here on Etsy ". Perhaps you’ve cut and pasted from your Etsy shop.

(Geraldine McPhee) #1074

Welcome Della Marie…I am Geraldine and quite new too…you have a love selection of items. Good luck with your shop.