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(Geraldine McPhee) #1075

Hi Bernadette…I am Geraldine and quite new to Folksy. You have some lovely things in your shops. Crafting is so theraputic and a great recovery tool. Well done for setting up your shop…quite an exciting step for you and the others involved. I really hope you all benefit from it.
Best wishes.

(Bernadette Buhagiar) #1076

Hi Geraldine

Well thank you very much that is kind of you to say. I am very excited
about this new venture wishing you all the best too.


(Kazakhsha) #1077

Oh, I see now lol. lazy me :))) yes I did copy/paste from my Etsy shop.

(Della Marie) #1078

Hi Geraldine thanks,
Your baby knitwear is very pretty. Its great that you are passing your skills of many years on to new generations, the art of hand knitting needs to be kept alive :+1:t2:

(PerkyPuffinCrochet) #1079

Hello, my name is Jan and I have just opened my shop Perky Puffin Crochet. I am feeling my way at the moment and would welcome any constructive feedback. Thank you.

(Della Marie) #1080

Hi Perky Puffin,

Welcome to Folksy.

Your Mapleton shawl is very nice. I have only recently joined here myself.

I had a visit to your store. Regarding photography the settings for your photos particularly draped by the lake and the shrubbery one work really well. Good Luck!

(PerkyPuffinCrochet) #1081

Hi Della,

Thank you for your comments. I am planning on another shop update at the weekend or early next week. I have had one sale but that was on a very cheap item that I had had in my stock for about three years. I am finding pricing quite difficult and don’t know if some of the items are priced too high - although obviously the whole point of this is to try and make a bit of money. Perhaps I was taking a chance on some of the items by using expensive yarn. However I am planning on making lots of lower priced items soon. Thank you for your observations on my photos, this is something I am trying to improve on. I am not sure I am very inventive with my tags either but will hopefully get better.


(Della Marie) #1082

Hi Jan I think your prices are just fine. Don’t undervalue yourself. These items take hours to create.
I think marketing and patience might be the key on this platform. I 'm still waiting on my first sale here. I’ve sold bucket loads out on stall and round the borough.
Hours and hours sat on social networks takes up huge amounts of time, as that’s not really my scene.

Best Wishes, keep on at it, :wink:


(seaglassjewellery) #1083

Hi everyone

Been here before a few years ago now selling Egyptian themed jewellery. I have moved on since and now specialise in sea glass jewellery and crafts with some micro macrame thrown in too. I have also since wrote 3 books on micro macrame and now enjoy beach combing for my supplies and finds and creating unique little pieces of joy.
These forums have really changed and it will take me some time to find my feet around here. I hope to see some new faces and hope to see some old and familiar ones too.

(Korora Glass) #1084

I recently joined and am so excited to have made my first sale from my Korora Glass shop.
I’m still getting the hang of managing the shop and deciding which items to list but I’m loving seeing everyone else’s work, there are some very talented people on here!

(claremaryangreen) #1085

Hello there, I would love you to visit my shop and see if you like my work. I have been asking folk if my work is too expensive, so what do you think as a shopper? Have a good day.

(Cove Calligraphy) #1086

Hi everyone,
I tried Folksy a year or so ago, but didn’t have any luck. I hand engrave glass, wood and silver jewellery in my Dorset studio, and I am back to give it another go! My Etsy shop is really busy (around 40 orders a week) and I would really like Folksy to take off for me too - any tips on how to sell on here would be very gratefully received, or any feedback on my items - thank you :grinning:

(CheekyMonkeyArtwork) #1087

I have just finished setting up my Folksy shop. I have been painting for a few years, but it I only now that my eldest has started school and my twin are at preschool that I have actually got the time to focus on it a bit more! Would love for it to be a success so any tips or feedback would be very welcome!

(Charlielaurie) #1089

Hello there, i’m not actually new to Folksy but i’ve had quite a long break after trying it out a few years back. second time round I hope i know what i’m doing but it still feels very new! Anyway take a look at my shop would love to hear your thoughts. I make handmade bouquets and accessories…xx

(Karen Ellam) #1090

Welcome back Charlotte @Charlielaurie

Your bouquets are beautiful :blush:

Karen x

(Charlielaurie) #1091

Thank you! I’ve been meaning to come back for ages but this time i’m going to try and do it properly and be a more active member :slight_smile:

(Mosas) #1092

Hi everyone!

I’m Stacy, and I make custom, personalised skin care products with only organic and 100% natural ingredients. I used to have really bad eczema and I dabbled around in various creams so I could make my own potion (and not smell like hospital). I realised that I love crafting skin care for people and listening to their needs so I decided to make a business! Please check out my shop and any advice you have will be humbly accepted. :blush:

(OneDayinMay) #1093

Hi, I’m Melanie and my shop is One Day in May Design. I have had my shop on Folksy for a few years now but have not managed to sell many products. I am a graphic designer and illustrator and I produce original art prints and cards.

I recently opened an Instagram account for my shop and am slowly getting followers as I am learning all the time what works and what doesn’t.

I just wondered if any other sellers were in this position and if so, did you find setting up social media accounts for your business helped? If so, which do you prefer - Facebook or Instagram?

Many thanks, and nice to meet you all!
I’d be really interested to hear other sellers stories

(OneDayinMay) #1094

Hi! Your bouquets are beautiful and your shop is very professional xx

(LoveringArts) #1095

Hello … I’m New to this site and I thought would also introduce myself Paul Lovering Art & Design

I’m a independent watercolour artist and designer , and hope to be inspired by your skills here on Folksy .

Best wishes Paul