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👋 Welcome to the Folksy Forums (Read Me)! Introduce yourself here :)

(LeapingFox) #1096

Hello everyone, I joined about 6 months ago and just wanted to say hello! I recently had my first sale which was exciting. Struggling a bit with photography- any comments welcome on my shop! Look forward to chatting once I get the hang of the forums :slightly_smiling_face:

(tangledthreads) #1097

Good evening all!

I am new to Folksy!

I have recently joined and I am a Bath UK based independent fabric supplier which specialises fun and funky designs… :slight_smile:

I used to run a UK based clothing manufacturing company, but unfortunately due to rising costs, I had to make the tough decision to turn to sell fabric alone. Any support would be greatly appreciated in my new quest! :v:

I would really appreciate if you could visit my new Folksy store, your kind love will be returned with a re-follow and also a little discount code for 20% off!

Thank you again!

Love Tangled Threads!

(Zoe Richardson) #1098

Hi everyone I’m Zoe. I used to have a Folksy shop called Jewelbox many years ago where I sold my jewellery makes. After a little break I am back in the world of crafting, and have expanded my range to include jewellery, hand embroidery, needle felting, and I am dipping my toe into the world of weaving!

I am planning on revamping my Folksy shop to reflect this, and wondered if anyone had any tips or hints to help me get started? Looking forward to getting to know people, and becoming part of the Folksy community

(Yousigulas) #1099

How u doing folks, i am new here just joined (sitting home running growth hormone under my doctor’s prescription and decided to join an interactive forum) anyway, which will be an interactiv topic what we could enjoy here?!

(fridaystreetproject) #1100

Hi everyone, I’m Amy from Fridaystreetproject, new to Folksy and looking forward to being part of the community. Just starting out with my sewing items mostly related to small children :slight_smile:

(Jackie Barton) #1101

Hello, hello, hello,

After many years of absence and trying my hand on ArtFire, I’ve decided to come back home (shop-wise) and re-open my shop DaBeezNeez.

I’m in the midst of listing my vintage buttons at the moment (there are thousands!) but I will also have vintage knitting patterns, vintage sewing patterns and (not so vintage!) silver jewellery I’ve made and recycled bits and bobs which I’ve collected over the years.

If you have a minute or two, please take a look and all critiques will be gladly accepted.

It’s nice to be home! :smiley:

(magsmaxwelljewellerydesign) #1102

Hello Melanie I’m Mags and pretty new to the forums myself - so I thought I’d take a little time this morning to like some lovely work - and hopefully help some fellow Folksy makers :smile: I loved this card and sentiments - I do think it’s just

(UrbanHideout) #1103

Hello - I’m Paul, the founder of Urban Hideout - we design smart accessories for an attractive & organized workspace! I’m a big fan of eco-friendly materials and most of our items are in moso bamboo. Check out our shop when you have a min!

(SallyAnn Ling) #1104


My name is SallyAnn, and would like to introduce myself to the other Folksy sellers. I opened my shop a few months ago, with just two items, but decided to concentrate on it more now; especially with Chistmas looming. To promote my shop (I have no sales as yet!!) I am offering free Postage and Packing.

Glad to meet you all. And any help would be greatly appreciated.


(Kikozo) #1105

Hi Everyone, fellow artisans and crafters.

My name is Mark and I have just opened my shop on Folksy. I am a self trained artist based in Southport, Merseyside. I first started making home decor from reclaimed wood back in 2014, the majority of which was for my own family home.
…you name it I tried to make it lol.

What started out as a past time has now evolved into me looking to sell my items to happy customers after my wife advised I should give it a go. I create art fusing the techniques of pulling & scraping paints and digital media designed by myself onto reclaimed wood such as pallets or OSB board. I also create other home decor items from reclaimed wood.

I only currently have 4 items in my shop but i am currently producing another 3 designs, but unfortunately I am restricted at present due to a knee injury putting myself on crutches for the next 8 weeks (very painful)

I will be hopefully converting my old shed into my new workshop which will allow me to have a designated space to make my pieces of work but this wont be until the new year now.

Glad to be a part of the Folksy family with fellow artisans and hopefully may bump into some of you at a future craft show or festival next year.


(BeccaClairePhotos) #1106

Hello there. Its nice to meet you. :wave:t2:
I’m Becca, a fine art fashion photographer and designer from Leeds, UK.
I love a huge mug of green tea, binge watching The Big Bang Theory and listening to Throwback Thursday on repeat!
I have 2 cats - Oreo (black and white) & Otis (white and ginger) who l cuddle daily.

I’m obsessed with flamingos, and I’m too addicted to my iPhone.
Christmas is my favourite time of year :santa:t2: Pulp Fiction is my favourite ‘grown up’ film. Walt Disney is my hero. Marilyn Monroe is my lady crush. I wear too many rings, and could recite each Harry Potter book back to you. :zap:
I bake a a LOT of cakes:

I have many tattoos, my next one will be a flamingo (I’m pretty sure). Teal is my favourite colour, turquoise is my favourite stone.

I’ve recently opened my shop after leaving the 9-5 world. 1 sale so far (woo!) and would love to get involved with the fabulous folks at Folksy!

Currently have 10% off everything in my store so please check it out - EARLYXMAS

(OwlyOoly) #1107

Hey folks,
I’m Charley and I’m based in Leeds.

I worked as a vfx designer for tv/film for 10 years, both freelance and employed in post-production houses. I had a daughter in 2016 and no longer wanted to work 50+ hours a week, so I’ve pretty much quit, except for the odd short job!

I’d always dabbled in knitting in the past, mainly from patterns, and I suppose the creative void left by quitting my job drove me to branch into designing my own things. I do mainly toys and accessories for toddlers and kids, tried and tested by my own toddler.

I’m very new to trying to sell anything and so far have little stock up for sale, but I’m hoping to expand over time (and design things that don’t take an age to make!)


(EllieLaneCrafts) #1108

Hi, I just opened my shop here on Folsky.
I would love some feedback on the descriptions and tags.
I have plenty more to be added but need to take and edit some photographs.

What is the best size for photographs?

Thanks, Jeni

(keithwalker) #1109

Hi Everyone, just stopped by to introduce myself to you all.
Would really like your opinions on my new shop , if anyone should stop by and take a look.
Is there anything i could improve on, Is my pricing good , etc.

(solislunaart5) #1110

Hello! I’m a new seller on Folksy; I’m an Ecology student at the University of Sussex with a passion for art and nature and thought I’d share my love of art, nature and painting my own clothes for a unique style - I already use Etsy but haven’t made much progress so far! I absolutely love art and try to create as much as I can whilst studying for my degree and as a student, I need the extra cash and am trying to save up to go travelling in the summer! I’d really appreciate it if you guys could check out my work and share it or give me feedback so I can start to hopefully sell more! I’d also really appreciate any tips for a beginner! Thank you so much, Solis Luna Art :slight_smile: :herb::sunny:

(katewhite2) #1111

Hi there! I am new to Folksy - I sell handpainted peg dolls, as toys, keepsakes, and gifts. Loving seeing everyone else’s work and getting lots of tips and advice via the forums. Feel free to stop by my shop and check it out!
Kate x

(soobaloo) #1112

Hello all, just reopened my shop after several years of absence! I’ve never posted on the forum so this exciting and a bit nerve-wracking.

I paint mainly in watercolour and love producing fun, colourful illustrations. I used to list cards and painted keepsake boxes, but as I now work full-time and have a busy family life, I’ve decided to concentrate on A4 prints… we shall see… I can’t turn my art into a business but I love doing it so much, and it’s a lovely feeling to send your craft out there into the world. Folksy is such a gentle way of doing it…

Not sure how to pin my shop to the top of the message, maybe someone could help with that as a start?! Anyway, it’s

(TheBumblebeeBindery) #1113

Hi there! I’m new as well! I’ve been making notebooks, sketchbooks & journals for a while now, but just opened my Folksy shop. :smile: Though I’ve only listed fabric-covered books so far, I like to work with leather too. I’m still trying to gauge the market around here, so may add some of those later if they’re not too expensive for people. Nice to meet you all! :smiley:

(TheBumblebeeBindery) #1114

Hi Sobaloo, not sure if you worked this out or not but your shop link appears automatically. :smiley:
Anyway, I really like your artwork! Good luck with your shop. x

(soobaloo) #1115

Thank you BumbleeBindery, I twigged once I posted a few comments! Your notebooks are beautiful x