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👋 Welcome to the Folksy Forums (Read Me)! Introduce yourself here :)

(TheBumblebeeBindery) #1116

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Fluff and Stuff) #1117

Hello everyone, I’m very new to this so any help, advice, words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Look forward to speak to lots of you on here and getting lots of support and hopefully giving some as well. I’m slowly adding more things to my shop but its very early days.

(DracosAttic) #1118

Having already tried one site that was very hard I finally decided to join here about a week ago, I would say the best piece of advice I every got was, learn to be patient this is a marathon not a sprint.
Much luck to you and have fun as well Jacqui Draco’s Attic

(Fluff and Stuff) #1119

Hi thanks for replying I’ve just looked on your shop you have some very beautiful items, I think you are right patience is the key. Good luck to you to I’m sure with all those lovely items you will soon be selling lots.

(BeauLillyInteriors) #1120

Hi everyone I’m new on FOLKSY .
can someone help me please !
how long dose it take to start getting people to view your items on hear ?

(Peedieboxcompany) #1121

Hi everyone just a few words to introduce myself I am based in Orkney and a woodturner but I do make other items in wood and other materials hope to get to know some of you all
All the best Keith

(BeauLillyInteriors) #1122

Hi there Keith ,
I’m new on here too , only been on here for 2 days… Hope it takes off for you :slight_smile:

(Peedieboxcompany) #1123

Cheers I hope so to

(ana92pl) #1124

Im here quite long I think but still no success.
Just discovered “Talk” so I want to say hello to all and good luck <3

(Daniel Heffer) #1125

Hello all!

just launched my new shop today!

Im a painter/illustrator primarily, at the moment specialising in abstract paintings perfect for home/office spaces etc but will be expanding to other areas in the near future!

nice to meet you!


(sammiessilhouettes) #1126

Hi all I’m Sammie I’m new to folksy and have just opened my shop I make personalised framed papercuts I also have a page on Facebook and Instagram and am just starting my journey, I’m looking for any advice you all have and look forward to getting to know you all :grin:

(kirinandco) #1127


I’m Elki from York. I’m enjoying seeing all the creative and imaginative things that people make!

I’ve just started making cards featuring my illustrations of animals and hope to branch out into other products eventually.

Nice to meet you all!

(reladesigns) #1128

Hi I am Carolyn from Cambridge I have been with Folksy about 18 months. I love to sew but bag making is what I enjoy the most anything from makeup bags to tote bags and knitting bags, when I am not making bags I am making curtains , roman blinds and home furnishings.

It has been nice to read all about everybody and where they are from.

(HandCraftedbylee) #1129

hey everyone,
had my folksy page for a couple of months, only just now starting to add items and generally working out how everything works. should be some fun having other peeps to talk to :slight_smile:

(Georgiescraft) #1130

Welcome to Georgie’s craft, I’m new to this. I’m inspired by nature and love crafting.

(Pippa Mac) #1131

Hello Everyone,
I’m new here, new to Folksy, just opened and started stocking my shop and I thought I’d introduce myself. My name is Pippa and I’m a paper addict. (Sounds like I should be at an AA meeting!) I make books and that’s mainly what I’ll be selling. I was going to call my shop The Basket Case but all the marketing gurus said that a shop name should reflect my products not myself! :grin:
Look forward to meeting fellow makers. Enjoy the rest of this lovely Friday evening.

(kathyallen) #1132

Hi guys
My name is Kathy Allen and I love to make craft.
I make handmade cushion covers from sales duvets. new.
no luck to sell at the mo. tried e bay no joy.

(MummysMarvellousMakes) #1133

Good Evening,
My name is Kelly and I joined Folksy last night. I make gifts for little ones such as quilts, booties, bibs etc.

I am just starting to get to grips with everything and I am looking forward to the amazing support network I have read all about x

(FrancescaCrafts) #1134

Hello to all the talented people out there. Jan hit the nail on the head - I’m still trying to find the loo and the canteen :sweat_smile:
From what I’ve seen so far I’m loving it, as working on your lonesome can be an isolated existence.
This takes me back to the 1980’s using the AOL chat rooms. I was a sad muppet then and obviously I still am - sitting smiling at a screen and wittering on about not a lot.
Enough muppetry, the sewing machine is beckoning.
Veronica x

(proseprints) #1135
Hi Perry and I are new to Folksy and just saying hello. We are called proseprints and making hand painted lino prints and hope to raise money for conservation charities. Really impressed with everyones craft and art work - really beautiful items for sale. Hope you all do well.