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👋 Welcome to the Folksy Forums (Read Me)! Introduce yourself here :)

(Mollydogdesign) #1136


Wow so many talented people in this crafty community :blush:
I’m a Folksy novice, just set up my little shop yesterday (well I hope I did - still on the learning curve of online business :joy:)
I’m a busy primary school teacher attempting to regain some sanity by following a crafty dream :dizzy:

Thanks for welcoming me into the community.
Loving all the creations and creative talent on here. X

(Mollydogdesign) #1137

Hi Carolyn.

The designs/patterns you use are beautiful. Lovely shop :blush:

(Tina Martin) #1138

Welcome Kim,

Lovely lampshades, good luck with your shop :slight_smile:

(Mollydogdesign) #1140


Thanks for the kind message. Your paintings are beautiful. I love water colour as well, although haven’t painted in a while. Maybe I’ll dabble again.

(Tina Martin) #1141

Thank you, yes you should, it’s fun :slight_smile:

(Mollydogdesign) #1142

If only I had a time machine… There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to fit everything in :joy:.

(B4AfterbyIwonaBiela) #1143

Hi everyone
I’m new, I came across the forum today, although I have a store for a week.
Something about myself … hmmm my name is Iwona, I am a forester. I love nature, forests and wood. My art consists in showing a different side of wood. I make wooden rings, pendants, earrings
maybe it sounds strange, but they look good and are a great alternative to traditional jewelry

I am delighted with the atmosphere here. I already love this forum and this store :heart_eyes:
Have a nice day for all of you

(Mollydogdesign) #1144

Hi Iwona.
Welcome to Folksy :grinning:
I’m a newbie too, joined last week.
I love your wooden jewellery - it’s beautiful
Good luck with your shop x

(B4AfterbyIwonaBiela) #1145

Hi Molly
Thank you :grinning:
good luck too

(Sarah Thexton) #1146

Hello all :slight_smile:

I’m Sarah, and although I’m introducing myself I’m not technically a newbie - but I’ve been resurrecting my shop after a break of about 6 years so I guess that makes me new-ish! I’ve been wanting to get back to Folksy for quite a while, and I’ve been steadily adding things to my shop over the last few days. It’s a strange feeling - a lot has changed since I was last here, and yet it still has the same great community feel here in the forums which is lovely!

I’m based in Norfolk in a small town just outside Norwich. I’ve been running PhotoFairytales for 9 years now (just had my 9th anniversary yesterday in fact!), and I design and create all sorts of personalised prints and gifts. I’ve got LOADS more to add to my shop, so I’ll be trying to pop in at least once a day.

Looking forward to getting to know you all and reconnecting with some old names too!

Sarah x

(Norman Richards) #1147

Hi, my name’s Norman. I set up my shop before Christmas, but have just found the forums. I’m into yarn crafts, and I’m slooowly adding to my shop

(CraftyBeeDesign) #1148

Hi there, I’m new to Folksy and have just opened a store Crafty Bee Design. I handmake childrens accessories, Mini Braces, Mini Bets & Maxi Belts and have joined Folksy as I would like to broaden my online coverage and hopefully promote sales through your website. As my products are handmade and require colour combinations and sizing options and would be grateful if someone could let me know if there are any other ‘customisation’ fields (other than the adding five colours) I could use to ask the buyer to complete to save sending messages back and forth. I look forward to chatting to you Folksy Folk and hearing any tips for selling on this website. Take it easy, Suzy

(TheSewingPixie) #1149

Hi. I’m very new to Folksy, just opened my shop yesterday. I love to sew, embroider and crochet, and focus on making beautiful and functional accessories.

(Handmade4Ewe) #1150

Hi everyone one. I’m new to Folksy also new to selling handmade cards. My name is Rebecca. I’m hoping to set up a business selling my cards. …

Please can people advise me on the next steps to take on selling @ craft & gift fairs? Also whether I should start a company up or not…

Please pop up & say hi :smile::wave::wave:

(Sudouglas) #1151

Hello, my shop has been open for a little while. Alas no sales

(keepmakingthings) #1152

Hi I’m Ellen from rainy Nottingham and also a newbie here, i make nature inspired illustrative cards & quirky goodies from my home studio when i’m not walking my lil four legged friend (Rigby)

(starlitinspired) #1153

Hi everyone!
My name is Gita, I’m from Birmingham (originally from Latvia). Just created my shop on Folksy, I make foiled greeting cards and prints.

(bohome) #1154

Hi. I’m Sheila and I’m addicted to creating! This is a very new and frankly daunting new venture for me. I’m happiest when making and gifting and hope to bring a smile to my customers faces when they receive their products. At the moment I’m trying to get to grips with social media (not good at selling myself😕.) I have been fortunate to have an outlet for my jewellery in the USA but after much encouragement (nagging) from friends and family I decided to sell online. Folksy was my first choice as I feel it’s important to champion local and national creativity in all forms. I hope to learn from all the other lovely makers on this site in the future.
I hope I’ve posted the link correctly😉

(Wildergren) #1155

Hello everyone, I’m Beth and I’m actually just returning to Folksy after a long ( nearly 8 year!) break. I used to mainly sell craft supplies to other sellers as oddsandends. I’ve been dyeing fabric and sewing tote bags for a while now and have decided to give selling on Folksy another go. Excited to be back and it’s great to see how much Folksy has grown over the last few years!

@bohome - don’t be daunted - I’ve always found Folksy to be a really positive and friendly place to sell and there’s lots of useful information about social media and promotion on the folksy blog and the forums too. I’ve just had a look through your shop and I think your jewellery is lovely.

(Neon Neighbourhood) #1156

Just joined and saying hello! :grinning: