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(Lunaandthemoon) #1178

Hello, my name is Sarah and I’ve been slowly stocking my shop Luna and the Moon. I make a bit of a mixture of hand stamped and macrame jewellery, some of which can be personalised. I used to make and sell jewellery a few years ago before my youngest was born and now hes at school I’m trying to get back into it. Things have changed a little on here since then lol. Feel free to have a look and let me know what you think.

(FairyHideaway) #1179

Hello everyone, nice to meet you all. I’m new to Folksy, joined a couple of days ago, so busy stocking my shop at the moment. I make jewellery, flower fairy dolls, bead fairy charms, memory boxes and the odd painting here and there, and pet portraits. But my Folksy shop is just fairy related items. My other things are sold by word of mouth on social media.

I’m still looking around at all the wonderful shops on here, what a huge variety of talents.

I think Folksy is much more community based than the other well known shop!

(Blightylampshades) #1180

Hi everyone!

My name is Laura and I’ve just started selling Lampshades on Folksy. I have a few more items to load up but I’m on my way :wink:

My passion for making lampshades started when I moved into my new home. The house that needed a bit of love and TLC (aka DIY). After I became a Mum for the first time last year, I decided to follow my dream of sharing my creative work by making and selling the lovely lampshades you see in my store. In my previous job, I was a PA in London. Now I do what I enjoy full time, as well as being a Mum!

Laura x

(Mary Parker) #1181

Wow this is a long thread! Hi Folksy folks, I’ve been selling on Folksy for a while but have never come in here, so I’m finally dipping my toe in :slight_smile: I’m a linocut printmaker in my spare time, and have most of my work to date up in my shop - some cards & some frameable art, mostly landscape & nature based. I named my shop before I came up with my actual business / brand name, so although I’m actually Dailawyr Prints now, MaryPprintandPhoto kind of stuck!

(Kmt) #1182

Keep Making Things is owned by Ellen(me) from rainy England, you’ll find me making an arty mess from my home studio when I’m not walking my four legged friend (Rigby)

(XStitcherJoss) #1183

Hi! I’m Joss. I’ve been married to @thatenamelguy for almost fifty years. We’ve been crafting on opposite sides of the dining-room for most of that time. (He burns holes in the carpet while I cover it in bits of thread!) I hand embroider clothing and shawls for babies and toddlers.

(Chris Stone) #1184

Hi I’m Chris. I have sold some of my stuff at galleries and fairs before, so time to give the internet a whirl. This seems like a really nice place to do it.

(AngrySquirrel) #1185

Hello I am not good at crafting anything but I try :wink:

(AngrySquirrel) #1187

hello xd

(ArtilyEverCrafter) #1188

Hello everyone,
I’m Maria from the Isle of Wight and I only opened my Folksy shop a few weeks ago. You can find me and my stuff on ‘Artily Ever Crafter’. I am completely new to the online thing, and have only recently started commenting on the Folksy Forum but it is so lovely to be able to share thoughts and work with other like minded people, really glad to have taken that step and listed.
Really enjoying looking at other people’s work, there are some really inspiring things to look at and I feel proud to be a part of the community.
Hope you take a look at my shop sometime
Thanks :smile:

(WychWayWoodWorks) #1189

Hi everyone! I’m new here, I make things out of wood! Mostly woodturned items, I like to get all the wood I use locally and love making bowls from spalted wood :slight_smile:

(Sarah Franklin) #1190

Hello everyone! I’m a long time Folksy user but have been absent doing other things for a couple of years. I was tempted back the the arrival of variations (yes, I still get the emails). My photography shop Eyeshoot Photography is slowly coming back into existence.

I hope that things get moving quickly, and I love the new look. It’s nice to be back!

(JDParchmentCraftEmporium) #1191

Hi, I’m Jean and I opened my shop (JD Parchment Craft Emporium) about a month ago. I make parchment craft cards which take a lot of time and patience depending how much work is involved. I also dabble in 3d Decoupage Cards as well.

Had a sale the first week and sold three cards but haven’t had anything since! Plenty of viewers though…

(ButtonandSquirt) #1192

Hi everyone, I opened my shop about a month ago i think (that might be wrong i lose track of time really quick lol) I did use folksy once before years ago but i don’t think that counts now so I’m all new :slight_smile: I illustrate unusual animals and create educational fact cards and gifts using the illustrations. Look forward to getting to know everyone

(Emma Kate Farley) #1193

I’ve recently re-opened my Folksy shop to give it another go. I make silver jewellery inspired by nature and wildlife and it raises funds for my work raising awareness of the decline of our wild hedgehogs. It’s been 3 years since I was last on here and I don’t think I gave it enough of a go before. Any tips welcome x

(CottonMillSigns) #1194

Hello everyone, my name is Andrew and I am a traditional signwriter, I opened my shop a few months back now, not had any sales yet but going to stick with it as I do sell well on all the other platforms and I really like this one.


I really love your work. I learned sign writing wAaay back at art school and I loved it, however rubbish I was! It is lovely to this this still done!

(ArtilyEverCrafter) #1196

Hello @CraftedByEcho, just popped by your shop and had to let you know how wonderful your miniatures are. I love the little dolls house foods, especially the tiny cakes on the cake stand. When I was a kid I used to love filling my dolls house with new things, and would have definitely wanted those in my collection. Loved your shop too! :smile:


Thank you! I adore your Illustrations!

(Beabookprints) #1198

Hello! My name is Bea, I am a graphic designer, I have used Folksy before and I love the community. And now, because I have to be away from home for a while, I’ve decided to have a go at doing downloadable cards and gift tags. I will accept orders for personalized cards too! Have a lovely week!