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(RDRDesigns) #1199

Hi guys, after being absent for almost 6 years im back on folksy with a new shop called RDR Designs. I hope to be selling within the next few weeks. check me out thank you !

(Zoe Ford) #1200

Hi everyone, like @RDRDesigns I’m also back after a 6 year absence with a new shop. I’ve uploaded a few of my art prints and I’m looking forward to uploading lots more. It’s nice to be back :slightly_smiling_face:

(Sally Ann Ling) #1201

Hello everyone

My name is SallyAnn, and I have returned to Folksy after an absence of several months. I have opened up a new shop under the name of The Greetings Card Shop. (Used to be BySallynn) As the title suggests I sell Greeting Cards, and have been listing Christmassy ones in my new shop.

Still loads more to do, but I am very pleased to be “back”.

SallyAnn xxx

(RowRowandKades) #1202

Hi everyone

I’m Kelly and I am also a returning to Folksy after a few months away. I have re-opened my shop @rowrowandkades and hope to make more of it this time around.
I design, hand knit and sell accessories and garments for all the family, babies to adults. I’ve had an amazing boost to my Instagram (over 70 followers this week) due to Folksy being so supportive during the Celebrate_handmade campaign and I’ve met so many lovely Folksy sellers. I really can’t wait to get involved with this side of the community too.

Nice to meet you all!

(Jennifer Leask) #1203

Hello everyone, I’ve finally got round to uploading some items to my dormant shop!

After many years on another platfrom I’ve finally taken the plunge and started to switch my listings over.

I’m an independent knitting designer, I’ve published quite a few patterns now and a lot of what I make are the samples I’ve created along the way along with a few knits I just had to make too.

(Catherine Marsh) #1204

All of your jewellery looks beautiful and I love that you use recycled materials and that your work helps our native wildlife. Good luck with your shop!

(Jan Purves) #1205

Hello everyone, I opened my Folksy shop last week! I have been selling my handmade cards and some paintings on another platform but I decided I’d like to concentrate on building a brand new Folksy art gallery to showcase my original paintings. Quite a challenge to sell art online but with the help of the very friendly and welcoming Folksy community I’m optimistic!

(Carole Lister) #1206

Hello everyone, I’m Carole and I’m just trying to get started with my little shop here on Folksy. There are some amazing craftspeople in Folksy. I’d buy everything if I could! You could say I’ve had quite a varied life. I’ve travelled quite a bit, been a psychiatric nurse, secretary, newsagent and am also a reiki master. Started making jewellery about 7 years ago when I couldn’t stand nursing anymore and am still very much on a learning curve. Any tips you have would be welcome!