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(RDRDesigns) #1199

Hi guys, after being absent for almost 6 years im back on folksy with a new shop called RDR Designs. I hope to be selling within the next few weeks. check me out thank you !

(Zoe Ford) #1200

Hi everyone, like @RDRDesigns I’m also back after a 6 year absence with a new shop. I’ve uploaded a few of my art prints and I’m looking forward to uploading lots more. It’s nice to be back :slightly_smiling_face:

(Sally Ann Ling) #1201

Hello everyone

My name is SallyAnn, and I have returned to Folksy after an absence of several months. I have opened up a new shop under the name of The Greetings Card Shop. (Used to be BySallynn) As the title suggests I sell Greeting Cards, and have been listing Christmassy ones in my new shop.

Still loads more to do, but I am very pleased to be “back”.

SallyAnn xxx

(RowRowandKades) #1202

Hi everyone

I’m Kelly and I am also a returning to Folksy after a few months away. I have re-opened my shop @rowrowandkades and hope to make more of it this time around.
I design, hand knit and sell accessories and garments for all the family, babies to adults. I’ve had an amazing boost to my Instagram (over 70 followers this week) due to Folksy being so supportive during the Celebrate_handmade campaign and I’ve met so many lovely Folksy sellers. I really can’t wait to get involved with this side of the community too.

Nice to meet you all!

(Jennifer Leask) #1203

Hello everyone, I’ve finally got round to uploading some items to my dormant shop!

After many years on another platfrom I’ve finally taken the plunge and started to switch my listings over.

I’m an independent knitting designer, I’ve published quite a few patterns now and a lot of what I make are the samples I’ve created along the way along with a few knits I just had to make too.

(Catherine Marsh) #1204

All of your jewellery looks beautiful and I love that you use recycled materials and that your work helps our native wildlife. Good luck with your shop!

(Jan Purves) #1205

Hello everyone, I opened my Folksy shop last week! I have been selling my handmade cards and some paintings on another platform but I decided I’d like to concentrate on building a brand new Folksy art gallery to showcase my original paintings. Quite a challenge to sell art online but with the help of the very friendly and welcoming Folksy community I’m optimistic!

(Carole Lister) #1206

Hello everyone, I’m Carole and I’m just trying to get started with my little shop here on Folksy. There are some amazing craftspeople in Folksy. I’d buy everything if I could! You could say I’ve had quite a varied life. I’ve travelled quite a bit, been a psychiatric nurse, secretary, newsagent and am also a reiki master. Started making jewellery about 7 years ago when I couldn’t stand nursing anymore and am still very much on a learning curve. Any tips you have would be welcome!

(Andy Twist) #1207

Hello and happy new year to all. I’m Andy,I set up my shop about a month ago and am now starting to find my way around the site and forum. Please have a look at my shop and let me know how I can improve (apart from the photography, I know it could be better). Thanks in advance for any input.

(Sandra Dejana) #1209

I’m Sandra and I’m new to Folksy. I sell handmade and hand painted beanie hats for men, women and children, and I also do cute daddy and me/ mummy and me matching sets.
So far I love the Folksy way of doing things, because it reminds me of Etsy in the olden days.
Please feel free to pop in my shop and have a look- maybe you have an advice for me or maybe you find something that you love. Best wishes, Sandra

(Sandra Salter) #1210

Happy New Year Folksy folk - I’m new here and relatively new to selling homemade goods online and we are called Salty’s Studio

I (with my husband) make screenprinted wares, wallart, limited ed prints, cards, lavender bags, badges - and we are growing very, very slowly. I love the feel of Folksy, it feels a bit more like doing a market with other like minded traders around - rather than the lonely pursuit of our Shopify shop. I’m wondering if others have multiple selling platforms and how they juggle it without going crazy/overload!

I am trying to work out how much time and effort to dedicate to social media, growing a friendly receptive audience. And my next mission is to create a newsletter - though I keep putting this off! I’m looking for good recommendations of articles that could help me get this right, rather than spending another month of faffing around!

Does anyone else feel they waste time barking up the wrong trees??

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

(FVbagsaccessories) #1211

Hi Everyone,

I am Sarah of FVbagsaccessories. I opened my store round November but haven’t had chance to get around folksy in its entirety yet so this is my first hello.
I love to sew ( machine) and i’m currently building my millinery expertise and looking forward to get to grips with selling online as its all new to me.
I specialise in recreating 1940s - 1970s styles, sometimes from scratch with just a photo and i love a challenge. I cant wait to get more creations on store but do take a look :slight_smile:

(FVbagsaccessories) #1212

Hi Andy
I’ve just seen you post and love your items ( so much so, I’ve just purchased one):smile:
In terms of your shop, some of the descriptions are very short and simple so maybe need a bit more expression and with your photos i can recommend couple of tip & tricks sites to give some info on taking decent ones at home.
Bets of luck going forward!

(Andy Twist) #1213

Thanks for the comments, I have been looking at other peoples item descriptions and you are spot on with your comments. Any tips or tricks recommendations will be gratefully received. Thanks for being my first customer, hope you really like it.

(FVbagsaccessories) #1214

Hi Andy @twistedturner
Try this series on photos it’s quick and simple I find theothers I will let you know

(TreeofCraftyDelights) #1215

Hi, I’m Pete from Tree of Crafty Delights. I joined Folksy a year ago but shamefully have only just gotten around to introducing myself.

I don’t like waste, and habitually keep things that ‘might come in handy one day’…as a result my shop features creative ways to use old materials and things that I’ve salvaged from elsewhere.

I’m terrible at social media so only made my first sale in the run-up to Christmas…so thank you @littleblackheart :smiley:

Any tips you can give me would be greatly appreciated and I’m looking forward to participating more in this forum.



(Lou Jackson) #1216

Hi - I’m Lou and I set up my shop in December, but am only just getting a little extra time to join in here now.
I’m a feltmaker and love stitching too, as well as nature and my garden, and my cats! I have zero understanding of how forums work and limited time to check in but really glad to be part of the lovely Folksy Community at last.

(Lou Jackson) #1217

Hi Sandra I’m new-ish here too and absolutely share in your trying to work out social media stuff. I’ve just spent three full days trying to get to grips with Pinterest and wondering if I should have just made more things instead! But perhaps it’s worth investing in trying a few things and seeing which brings most connections. I love my friends on Instagram and have been using that for a while, terrified of Twitter though. A newsletter sounds like a good idea, hope you can make that work, so many creatives have a sign up. Sorry no recommendations but hello anyway! :slightly_smiling_face:

(LyricalSixties) #1218

Hi, I’m Lesley, and I’m new to Folksy.

I’ve been selling designs on-line through a couple of print on demand sites for a few years, but at long, long last I have more time to create and make. My crafty passions are sewing and crochet, and having recently moved house I now I have the luxury of a large table on which to park my 1950s hand crank sewing machine, and the even greater luxury of having time to use it!

I love the variety of items on Folksy, and am waaaaaay impressed with the quality of what is here. I’m also very impressed by the Folksy forums, there is a real community feel here.


Love your shop and adore your Singer!