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(CrochetCubs) #1221

Hi everyone,

I’m Sam and I opened my folksy shop, Crochet Cubs, almost a month ago. I would love you to have a little look and would really appreciate any feedback you have.

Thanks, Sam

(Bonnie Brace) #1222

Hi I have just stared Folksy this week so I am finding my way around here, very excited to be joining you all :hugs: x


hello! Your work is lovely!

(Bonnie Brace) #1224

Thank you so much! it is lovely to be part of a crafting community. Wow your dolls house food is AWSOME!!! such patience x


thanks so much! I love making these things for some reason! If you didn’t already know…there is a couple groups on fb as well and

(Bonnie Brace) #1226

Brilliant thanks for that I shall look them up x

(Andy Twist) #1227

Welcome to the club. I like your shop, should do well :sunglasses:

(LoveLightAndBeads) #1228

Hi there,

I’m Lisa and not long joined folksy. I make jewellery and accessories & have a particular love of gemstones. Still in the process of trying to stock up my shop having taken the plunge with a plus account. Loving the forums and advice on offer, can’t wait to be a part of it! :grinning:

(WordArtbyWordWorks) #1229

Hi All

I have just opened my store please take a look around still loads of designs still to upload.


(Kuriology) #1230

Well Hello Folksy Folk

Now I did take off my shoes & socks (& I did wash my feet) before sticking my toe in here, you know, just to test the temperature.

Its taken me several years to open a Folksy shop but having looked around at other options I finally took the plunge. Here tis—TA-Da!

My creations tends to be a bit more ‘Borgin and Burkes’ & more like refugees from a Traditional Museum Cabinet of Curiosities …than they are fluffy ‘Rainbows & Unicorns’…A little more on the ‘Darker Arts’ side of creative thingeys.

Well, it can’t all be sugary saccharin sweetness can it?
Go on, take a peep (You know you want too!)

Malcs - The Kuriologist

(LyricalSixties) #1231

Wow, I love your creations!

(Kuriology) #1232

Why thank you very much.

If a picture paints a 1,000 words, here’s a paragraph of Kuriology Art

(bebbydennis) #1233

Hi everyone!
I am Bebby and have opened my Folksy shop this week and still finding my way around. I have listed a few of my knitted outfits and shall slowly add some more over the next few weeks. I have been selling on line for a few years already. Please have a look and let me know what you think. Many thanks!

(HandmadeinDorset) #1234

Hi my name is Susan and I am new to Folksy. I live in Dorset and take my inspiration from the country side around me x

Tips for using the Folksy forums
(Linda Austin) #1235

Hi I’m Linda and I live in Hastings but I’m originally from Manchester. I make jewellery and wine glass charms and similar things. My inspiration is nature and the night sky. I love making things and love looking at other people’s talents

(Dee Brett) #1236

Hello! I’m Dee from Oruki Design. I’ve been selling on Folksy for a few months now, but hadn’t got around to joining the forum - I’ve never been on one before, so this is exciting! I make jewellery from wire - mostly copper wire weaving, but also viking knit using coloured wire. I live in Manchester with my partner & our two cats, & love hiking, my garden & the great outdoors in general! Looking forward to finding my way around the forum & getting to know you all xx

(astarcreations) #1237

Hi everyone, Im new here and cant wait to get started, i love this site already! Ive always been creative and have enjoyed painting in my spare time but have recently started making jewellery and some other decorative items, look forward to chatting with everyone x

(HeartToSoulCards) #1238

Hi I’m Frances of Heart To Soul Cards
I make handmade greeting cards and my main motivation is as follows:
I think receiving a card always gives the recipient a lift, reminding them, in this busy world, that they are valued and loved, so it’s lovely to be part of the process.
I have never been on a forum before so looking forward to learning as I go.

(Lynn Davis) #1239

Hi Everyone!

Based in Staffordshire, my name is Lynn Davis, and I upcycle unearthed, man-made products, including pottery shards, sea glass and blast furnace iron slag. I used to have my selling site through a company call Tictail, but they have been sold, so I have made the move to Folksy and already glad that I have! Working from home and not having a lot of people contact at times, I thought it a good idea to check out the forums and say hello :slight_smile:

(DecalFolk) #1240

Hello Folksy Folk!

I am Claire and I am fairly new on Folksy, I opened my shop, Decal Folk, on Folksy, just before Christmas and have slowly been adding items to my shop and I am very new to forum talking…

I design and make Wall Decals (aka Wall Stickers)… They’re super popular for use in Children’s rooms / nurseries’ and grown up rooms too! I also create custom orders and can turn brand logos into decals too!

Here’s a link to my shop if you’d like to have a nosey… :slight_smile:

I also sell on another similar platform which does well! I haven’t had my first sale yet but I’m guessing that’s down to my lack of listings and therefore lack of visabilty!

Anyway… I’m going to try and make use of this forum- but like I said its very new to me! :slight_smile: