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(Shelvesuk) #1220

woop woop
hi all finally sorted my problem had my account link with another so was very confusing finally sorted and back love to invite you all to view my folksy page i make bespoke shelving and hoping to add lots more now and use the new variety option!

(CrochetCubs) #1221

Hi everyone,

I’m Sam and I opened my folksy shop, Crochet Cubs, almost a month ago. I would love you to have a little look and would really appreciate any feedback you have.

Thanks, Sam

(Bonnie Brace) #1222

Hi I have just stared Folksy this week so I am finding my way around here, very excited to be joining you all :hugs: x


hello! Your work is lovely!

(Bonnie Brace) #1224

Thank you so much! it is lovely to be part of a crafting community. Wow your dolls house food is AWSOME!!! such patience x


thanks so much! I love making these things for some reason! If you didn’t already know…there is a couple groups on fb as well and

(Bonnie Brace) #1226

Brilliant thanks for that I shall look them up x

(Andy Twist) #1227

Welcome to the club. I like your shop, should do well :sunglasses:

(LoveLightAndBeads) #1228

Hi there,

I’m Lisa and not long joined folksy. I make jewellery and accessories & have a particular love of gemstones. Still in the process of trying to stock up my shop having taken the plunge with a plus account. Loving the forums and advice on offer, can’t wait to be a part of it! :grinning:

(WordArtbyWordWorks) #1229

Hi All

I have just opened my store please take a look around still loads of designs still to upload.


(Kuriology) #1230

Well Hello Folksy Folk

Now I did take off my shoes & socks (& I did wash my feet) before sticking my toe in here, you know, just to test the temperature.

Its taken me several years to open a Folksy shop but having looked around at other options I finally took the plunge. Here tis—TA-Da!

My creations tends to be a bit more ‘Borgin and Burkes’ & more like refugees from a Traditional Museum Cabinet of Curiosities …than they are fluffy ‘Rainbows & Unicorns’…A little more on the ‘Darker Arts’ side of creative thingeys.

Well, it can’t all be sugary saccharin sweetness can it?
Go on, take a peep (You know you want too!)

Malcs - The Kuriologist

(LyricalSixties) #1231

Wow, I love your creations!

(Kuriology) #1232

Why thank you very much.

If a picture paints a 1,000 words, here’s a paragraph of Kuriology Art

(bebbydennis) #1233

Hi everyone!
I am Bebby and have opened my Folksy shop this week and still finding my way around. I have listed a few of my knitted outfits and shall slowly add some more over the next few weeks. I have been selling on line for a few years already. Please have a look and let me know what you think. Many thanks!