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👋 Welcome to the Folksy Forums (Read Me)! Introduce yourself here :)

Hey there. Another new member to Folksy :slight_smile: I live in the north of Shetland, as if Shetland itself wasn’t far enough! I work full time and craft as and when time allows, mostly in Silver, but I also use base metals, stone, leather and sometimes draw too.
Just thought I’d stop by and introduce myself.



Hi everyone :grinning: Just joined so trying to find my way around at the mo but thought I’d just say hello



I opened my shop a few weeks ago but just getting round to the forums!

My shop contains my hand drawn then digitized artwork pieces, suitable for children’s rooms and nurseries. Personalised pieces are also available as well as commissions!

Please take a look, any constructive feedback welcome!

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Hi, I 've had my Folksy shop on and off for a few years.
I have been very quiet over the last few years as the day job was so busy, however, I missed creating things and am determined to make more of this shop this year.

It’s nice to be back.



Just opened my shop & I’m really excited to be part of this community.

Any tips would be more thsn welcome :smile:


Also, forgot to ask… how often do shop stats update?

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Hi Linzi! Welcome - Folksy is a lovely place to be :slight_smile:

Shop stats update daily, it’s the first thing I check when I wake up :joy: You have buttons for daily, weekly & monthly stats. Note that if you try & refresh just after midnight it will show 0’s for the day before - think it must update sometime in the early hours!

I’ve just clicked on your ‘fox and bumble’ link to have a nosy at your shop (& favourite a few things for you :slight_smile: ) but the link says ‘shop not found’? Is your shop open?

Dee x

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Thank you very much Dee for the lovely welcome and yes my shop is definitely open, I accidentally set up my shop up on my old personal account so the lovely support people have been correcting it for me. Here’s the link again, hopefully it will work now.:smiley:


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Forgot to say that I’m not sure why the link on my post doesn’t work anymore :thinking: I’ll look into it, thanks for letting me know :+1:

Hi Linzi, yes that link worked! Maybe the original doesn’t cos it was posted before the update? Your art is amazing…absolutely love your owls!! Xx

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Thank you so much & glad you like it :two_hearts:

Hello everyone. I joined folksy a few weeks ago and am still finding my way around. Looking forward to this new adventure.

Only me again, just wanted to say that if anyone does have any tips or constructive criticism regarding my shop they would be most welcome as I do have a few more paintings to add. I seem to be appearing in a lot of searches but not so many views. Thank you.


Hi there. I’m Dave Savage, designer, illustrator and photographer (musician, magician, juggler as well but that’s not why I’m here lol).
Joined Folksy yesterday after a recommendation from a friend who sells on here… So looking forward to battling my way through the ins and outs of selling on Folksy. I’m not entirely new to online selling per se but every system has it’s own quirks and advantages… Any tips on anything you see listed in my shop that you think could be improved are welcomed. I’ve been in the world of advertising most of my life so I have a broad understanding of creative descriptions and targeting potential buyers and I have a thick skin for criticism, so all and any help to improve my chance of getting sales will be appreciated… Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello all!

I’ve been on Folksy with my shop for around 3 to 4 weeks now.

I currently make cushion covers, keyrings and small zip purses using vintage, recycled and some new material. Not easy to recycle zips!

I have started to make a few items that will help reduce the amount of plastic used in your day to day.

I am also working on a range of completely different other items using old “english sayings.”

I’m based in West Norfolk UK.

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Welcome to Folksy :slight_smile:

Welcome to Folksy :slight_smile:

Hi I’m Andy at Kelandy Designs, got the shop started about a week ago and trying to add a new item each day. I make mostly silver jewellery, sometimes with the addition of wood, resin and other elements. I’ve never particularly had a brand identity other than silver jewellery, but am currently doing a lot of I Channel Inlay rings which keeps me quite bust. Loads to learn here I think, new platform, new routines, different forums etc. Will enjoyimeeting new/other artists/makers/crafters and very willing myself to help with question from others. :+1:


Hi everyone - new here as well. I mainly do watercolour and pen custom pet portraits, but also originals, prints and cards. Nice to be here on Folksy :+1: My shop is quite bare at the moment but will keep adding new items!


Hi Andy!

Welcome! I’m a member of GOJD too! I think I recognise some of your work from the facebook group! I’ve liked your shop and some of your items - always helps to support each other!