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👋 Welcome to the Folksy Forums (Read Me)! Introduce yourself here :)

Thank you, Dawn! A few things to add yet, but I’m getting there.
Love your jewellery, btw - have fave’d you. :smile:

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Hi Rosie!! Just noticed you over on another thread, great to have you back. I remember you well :smile:


Hi, I have had my Folksy shop for a couple of years, but alas it has been, shall we say dormant. So time to reintroduce myself and celebrate. My names Angela, and just love all things sewing. My mother was a seamtress, soI grew up with the whirl of the sewing machine, fabrics galore and a few stabbings with a pin! My other passion is hand and machine embroidery, vintage fabric and lace, if I can combine all of these together so much the better. I reopened my shop a few months ago and pleased to say made my first sale today. So smiling all the way to wor

Hi! I am still trying to figure out how pins work!!! I am also still looking for my first sale on Folksy so I hope what I am doing is going to prove the right thing to do.

Hello to everyone - just going to have a nose around all your shops now :smile:

Any questions do ask us - you can just use @ and tag either @folksycontent or me @HilaryP and we’ll be notified so we can come and help.

There’s also a big Folksy help section for all the technical side of working on your shops in our knowledge base -

and lots of seller tips on the blog, for marketing, photography and networking online.

Hello , I Have had a shop for a few years but neglected it dreadfully as life took over, I have started relisting again so fingers crossed

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My name’s Karen Johnson & my shop is Millie Moth Craft. I’m new to the forums and pretty new to using Folksy itself. I’ve listed about 20 items so far but no sales as yet so am waiting with baited breath to see what happens! I make jewellery and wooden plaques, although reading the excellent article on niche has me questioning that now, maybe need to specialise… I love everyone’s shops on here, this seems such a great - and useful - community of crafters and inspiration!

Looking forward to getting stuck into this and hoping we all do well for Christmas :smiley:

Karen xx
Millie Moth Craft


Just popping my head in to say hello to you all! I am a freelance illustrator and I normally spend my time illustrating children’s books but I am just starting to sell some of my images on gifts and homeware and opened my Folksy shop a couple of weeks ago.

Delighted to have had 7 sales already, hope that’s a sign of things to come! Looking forward to seeing all your work and getting to know other sellers here on the forum,

Claire x


hello everyone. I opened my Folksy shop a few months ago but hadn’t as yet done very much with it. just starting to find my way around now so thought I would say hello here. I spin, dye, design and knit by hand and machine. I’m currently focusing on extreme knitting and finer illustrated or scenic cushions… Thanks for reading. Here’s a couple of items.

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Ooh lovely work and you now have 27 sales! :slight_smile:

Thank you It’s been a really good start for me on Folksy!

Hello! To everyone!

I am very new to this and a little nervous. I put up my first listing this evening so I thought I would pop my head into the forums and introduce myself. I am an illustrator and designer, I love natural things, swirls, feathers and above all I love print making. I look forward to exploring Folksy a bit more and getting to know everyone!

Hi, just joined Folksy this week and my first impressions are good so far. I’ve set up my shop (although a bit of work to do on the imagery and profile) and listed some of my work. I’ve been using Etsy the last 18 months but like the idea of focusing on the British market.

I currently sell my map art as prints but am looking into other product types I can use. The problem is there are so many potential products I’m just going to need to pick one and build from there - I can’t afford to invest in loads of stock that might never sell. I’m thinking either mugs or notebooks at the minute.

Any advice on the above, or product photography (there are some really nice photo’s on here) would be appreciated. Look forward to ‘meeting’ you all.


I’m quite a newbie to this forum, and I’m really struggling with all the threads, and trying to find them again, is there any chance someone who moderates it can clean it up, and loose some of the old, dated, and out of date threads? :grin:

On the otherhand, I think we could have a thread that lists what we have bought, instead of always what we are selling, rejoicing in our purchases, encouraging others to buy as well :blush:

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Hello everyone, I’m Emma and although I have been on Folksy for a while now I am only just starting to utilise the site. (so forgive me if I do something wrong in the forums :confused: )
I am a textile artist based in Cornwall and have a passion for fabric and chalk paint!
If anyone has any advice for me it would be appreciated.
Thanks Emma x

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There is nothing stopping you starting such a thread…I am sure others will contribute to it…

Hello all, just finding my way around the forums and finally setting up my shop.
Looking forward to discovering more on here and chatting

Lisa xxx

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Hi @CraftsCouncil, here’s the link to the existing ‘recent Folksy purchases’ thread:

It hasn’t been added to for a couple of months.

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I am the owner off kennelcraft selling log cabin patchwork cushions and embellished bags.Am thoroughly enjoying the challenge although a little daunting at times.In a former life I have always sewed but of the dressmaking variety.WHat a change crafting is loving every moment.:grinning::grinning::grinning:

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